Primavera Sound returns to Barcelona with its sights set on Madrid

Primavera Sound returns to Barcelona with its sights set on Madrid

Primavera Sound returns to Barcelona with its sights set on

More than 35 months without Spring, more than 1,000 days without feeling the splendor of live musicthe flowering of the senses, the green shoots of the spree of massive festivals, where everyone, young and old, enjoy what is considered one of the best music festivals in the world. A complicated odyssey with 2 editions canceled due to the pandemicto which we add political problems with the Barcelona City Council, some considerable obstacles that almost jeopardized this year’s edition as well.

But finally, the Fòrum de Barcelona venue will open its doors to present one of the most ambitious line-ups of Primavera Sound. In addition, it will not be a single weekend, it will be two in a row, starting this Thursday, June 2, 12 days in total, where it is estimated that nearly half a million attendees will be able to enjoy about 500 concerts. all this spectacular display to celebrate in style the twentieth anniversary that could not be commemorated in 2020, when it was time: “We want to make up for lost time and this will be the most ambitious Primavera Sound of our history,” said the festival’s spokesperson, Joan Pons.

The festival will have 14 rooms in the city of Barcelona and the performance of more than 130 musical groups

In fact, the Barcelona festival has already started this Wednesday in the City Spring format on 2 stages, Poble Espanyol and the Upload room. Later, the Apolo rooms, the Razzmatazz 1 and 2, the Sidecar, until a total of 14 rooms in the citywhere more than 130 groups will perform, a figure much higher than the 25 of 2019. This year with novelties, everyone will enter with a new APP on their mobile with which they will be able to make drinks and the Catalan brewery Damm ‘reconquers’ Primavera Sound after many years with Heineken.

On the opening day this Thursday, thousands of people will once again feel the tingle entering what has become a musical sanctuary (Festival Cruïlla is also being held), but with the last-minute disappointment of the cancellation of the concert by the famous english band massive attack, due to the illness of one of its members. An important drop on the first day that will have Pavementthe North American alternative rock band that dissolved in 1999, which has already been resurrected twice and who come especially for Primavera Sound 2022. tame Impalathe Australian group that is an icon of psychedelic pop for the new millennials, is coming back to Barcelona to release their long-awaited album, The Slow Rush.

This Thursday will be the first day but after that, prestigious figures such as Gorillaz, Nick Cave, Dua Lipa, Lorde, Beck and Tyler, The Creator, among others, will parade through the stages. Three years later it was time, many months where the music industry has suffered very hard. For now, they have already calculated that Primavera Sound will have an economic impact on the city and its surroundings of 300 million euros and will provide direct or indirect employment. about 7,000 people. The objective of the festival is to consolidate this 12-day model, but the Barcelona City Council has not confirmed it, although it may extend beyond 2023.

For this reason, the directors of the event have already confirmed a second venue in Madrid for next year, which will allow them to continue growing without obstacles. A continuous expansion that also has ramifications outside of Spain, with the Primavera Sound of Porto (Portugal), Los Angeles (United States), Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). “We are not affected by the saturation of concerts that they say there is this year because we sell out locations wherever we go. The secret of this success is simple, do it right. We have been doing it well for 20 years and we have grown without intending to, and we are ready for Primavera Sound Barcelona 2022 to be a success,” says Pons.

This Thursday, mid-afternoon, the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona-Sant Adrià del Besòs will once again fill up, as before the pandemic. A lot of accumulated energy will be unleashed tonight, hoping that one of the endemic evils of the festival, the unbearable verbiage during the concerts, will not be lavished. they start 12 days of music spread everywherelike spring, which spreads unstoppably to make life sprout again, as if youth were eternal, as if nothing mattered, as if nothing had ever happened, as if the season of joy could spread without restraint the resurrection of withered souls

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