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Legend has it that the heroic Puebla de Zaragoza was traced by angels, which is why it was founded as Puebla de Angeles, today it is also known as Puebla de los Angeles or Angelópolis. It is the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution, Benito Juárez and chiles en nogada. This industrial, commercial and touristic city is the fourth largest city in Mexico, after Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Sightseeing in the center can easily be done in one day, there are some interesting towns nearby and of course Cholula.

Where is Puebla de Zaragoza?

First, to avoid confusion, let me explain that Puebla de Zaragoza and Puebla are two different things. When we talk about Puebla, we mean the state of Puebla, and Puebla de Zaragoza, also known as the city of Puebla or the heroic Puebla de Zaragoza, is basically a city and the capital of the state of Puebla.

Now let’s talk about everything you need to know about Puebla de Zaragoza.

Puebla is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 1987 due to its great cultural and historical importance.

What to do in Puebla de Zaragoza?

Library of Palafoxiana

What impressed me the most in Puebla is the Palafoxiana library, when you enter it you are surprised by its age, it is a journey into the past, and it is known for being the first public library in the world.

Churches in Puebla

There are many churches, I didn’t go into all of them, but I give you a secret advice: take a good look at the positions of Christ 🙂

Church in Puebla


Another thing I remember the most is the tunnel that connects the church to another place, supposedly built for escape during the French invasion, many say it’s just a pipe, and they want it so they have more stories to tell, but that’s just it which made me want to visit him.

Calle de los Sapos

Calle de los Sapos is beautiful, full of artists and art, painters, artisans, and also the famous Talavera ceramics. If I had a house, I promise I would have all my Talavera pottery. But right now I don’t have a home and I can only take memories 😀 .

Antique Tianguis (antique market)

There is a market (tianguis) where old items are sold. It is a fascinating place that I would like to see everywhere.

What to eat in Puebla de Zaragoza?

Mercado de Sabores and its mole poblano

Another place you shouldn’t miss when you go to Puebla is the Mercado de Sabores. Here you will find all the traditional food prepared by the hands of women who have dedicated their lives to cooking and who prepare the dishes in the most indigenous way, they cost about 50 pesos.

And I can tell you that we have compared the dishes here with those in other fancy restaurants and they have nothing to envy. I recommend the mole poblano chicken, which is the most famous dish in Puebla, and dare I say it in Mexico.

When we conducted a survey on the favorite food of Mexicans, almost everyone mentioned this delicious delicacy. The one I liked the most was at Chayito’s Restaurant in the Mercado de Sabores.

However, some seasonal dishes are worth trying, but they are usually quite expensive (around 350 Mexican pesos) and can almost always be found in more expensive restaurants.

The first time I went there was the chile enogado, a chile stuffed with walnuts, 3 meats (beef, pork and chicken) and pineapple. Garnished with parsley and pomegranate seeds.

Street Food and Chapulines

You will also find plenty of street food worth trying, such as chapulines (crickets), sweets or tacos.

Chile in Nogada

Another of Puebla’s most famous dishes is Chiles en Nogada, a green, white and red dish like the Mexican flag, it is one of the most representative dishes of Mexico.

Cholula: Church and Pyramid

Cholula: Church and Pyramid

Cholula is a university town, near Puebla, and its biggest attraction is the great pyramid that was buried in order to build a church on top and thus bury their “demons”, i.e. cover this belief with a new religion.

The pyramid can be entered from the inside. This is a visit not recommended for the claustrophobic, full of passages and labyrinths. It is an exciting journey where you can go back in time.

Where to stay in Puebla de Zaragoza?

Both times I was in Puebla I arrived at Hostal Gente de Más.

3 poniente 713, Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico.

It is very well located, three blocks from the Mercado de Sabores and five blocks from the central square. It is clean, breakfast is included and the price is very good.

A beautiful hostel full of murals, with a nice terrace and excellent service. They will give you a tour map and clear instructions on what you need to know.

Important festivities in Puebla de Zaragoza

May 5: Battle of Puebla

On May 5, a military civil parade is held to commemorate the battle in which the Mexican army defeated the French army. Militia elements, actors, students and teachers and floats with different themes participate in this procession.

Also on this date, various presentations, concerts and fairs are held throughout the city of Pueblo to commemorate the battle won in 1963.

Independence Day

In Puebla, as in the rest of the Mexican Republic, there are various fairs and parties commemorating the beginning of the battle for independence on the night of September 15.

Free concerts are usually organized on the main avenue so that people can sing, dance and have fun while waiting for the commemorative “cry of independence” on the balcony of the city palace.

We didn’t get to experience it, but we were told that in a part of the city of Pueblo, after the “grit”, there is a “battle”, in which several young people gather to “battle” in eggs filled with confetti, flour and even eggs. .

Weather in Puebla

The weather in Puebla Center is crazy, it’s fresh in the morning, very hot and sunny during the day, but don’t be fooled, the rain is uncertain and interrupts you at every moment, there will be days when it won’t stop raining, others where it will only rain occasionally, and sometimes it will just look like it will rain, but it won’t.

Activities of Puebla Mexico

Clothes to wear

As the weather can be very changeable during the day, especially from April to November, we recommend that you wear light clothes, comfortable shoes or tennis shoes for walking because the streets are paved and always bring a raincoat.

It can be a very sunny and hot day, and around 16:00 to 17:00 it starts to cool down and rain, but don’t go out too cloudy! Because rain can last 20 minutes and all you’re left with is a sulphurous atmosphere.

Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.


Overall, Puebla Centro is a quiet place to visit; however, we provide some recommendations for your stay.

Do not forget that you are in the city, even if you are in tourist places, if you see a lot of people, you must be careful of pickpocketing.

Try to walk in a group and avoid being alone at night. The risk of an incident increases if you are alone. Avoid crowded places and alleys.

Best time to travel to Puebla

In general, all year round is a good time to travel to Puebla. The warmest period is from February to April, and the rainiest and sunniest from April to November.

But if you want to taste a typical Chilean dish in Nogada in the place where it was born, we recommend that you go there between July and September because that’s the only time you can find it.


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