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Queen’s Cup. Barcelona sweeps and completes its treble in Spain | 6-1

Queen’s Cup.  Barcelona sweeps and completes its treble in Spain |  6-1

An unmitigated win over Sporting de Huelva.

Barça, who had already celebrated the Spanish Super Cup and the First Iberdrola, completed the national treble of the season by revalidating the title of the Copa de la Reina after defeating Sporting de Huelva (6-1) in Alcorcón with expected authority.

Jonatan Giráldez’s team, who only missed out on the Champions League against Olympique Lyon, fulfilled the script against an inferior rival, although, as usual, very well armed at the back, and was even able to get ahead on the scoreboard at 19 minutes, when, after a header against the post by Anita Marcos, the American Hannah Keane, at an empty goal and inside the small area, finished off high.

The Andalusian team even had arrests not to give up, to maintain their meeting idea, and closed the gap shortly after game time (2-1) through their captain, Sandra Castelló. The shock gained in emotion, but she stayed there. It lasted eleven minutes, until the Swiss-Croatian Ana Maria Crnogorcevic extended the advantage again and Claudia Pina, the Dutch Lieke Martens and Alexia Putellas gave the finishing touch.

They were the only surprises that Barça had to certify the treble, their ninth cup title -the third in a row-, because their superiority was evident against Sporting, who were chasing the second after having won Valencia in 2015 and after standing in the final after to surprise teams like Atlético de Madrid and Granadilla Tenerife.

The team led by Antonio Toledo showed its face again but it did not give him to complete his dream in the face of the tremendous potential of the Barça team. He only relented in the final stretch.

His approach, based on the block and the help behind, waiting to find some against Anita Marcos and the fast Fatou Kanteh, complicated life for Giráldez from the start and even gave them that scare and another, minor, with a Vaseline of the latter that went away.

Sporting Huelva forgave and against rivals of the level of Barça is paid. To top it off, he even had bad luck. Shortly after the resounding opportunity that Keane squandered, the maxim was fulfilled.

Marta Torrejón hooked a header that crashed into the post. The ball hit Dolan’s back and as Fish came in he tried to get it out on the same line, but it crashed back into the US goal and made it 1-0.

With hardly any time for Sporting to recover, another stubbornness, this time at the exit of a Mapi León corner it became 2-0, a score that was beginning to be clear, but not definitive because Toledo’s pupils never threw the towel and Barça did not take advantage of their options.

In this context, the team from Huelva felt alive. Giráldez began to make changes, but did not give them time to bear fruit because shortly after a couple of errors in a row in the clearance left the ball in Sandra Castelló’s boots. The captain did not miss and with a high shot to the opposite post she shortened distances.

Huelva’s longing was still more alive than ever. But Barça’s pulse did not shake. He kept commanding and coming to the attack. Eleven minutes after Huelva’s goal, in another set piece action, in another corner, he sentenced the victory with a Crnogorcevic header, which had entered the scene in the second period.

Claudia Pina, with a shot from outside the area, the Dutch Lieke Martens, with a header, and Alexia Putellas, the best player in the world, put the icing on the cake in the final stretch against an already broken Sporting who resisted what they could against a Barcelona that remains intractable on the Spanish scene.

– Data sheet:

6 – Barca: Sandra Cloths; Marta Torrejón (Crnogorcevic, m.57), Irene Paredes, Mapi León, Rolfo (Leila Ouahabi, m.57); Engen, Aitana Bonmatí (Pari Guijarro, m.57), Alexia Putellas; Mariona Caldentey (Andrea Pereira, m.70), Claudia Pina and Martens.

1 – Sporting Huelva: dollar; Judith, Cinta Costa, Patri Ojeda, Fisher (Paula Romero, m.83); Sandra Castelló, Chini (Abildá, m.83); Kanteh (Gey, m.83), Edgren (Vanesa Santana, m.46), Keane; and Anita Marcos.

goals: 1-0, M.25: Dolan, own goal. 2-0, M.32: Mapi Leon. 2-1, M.62: Sandra Castelló. 3-1, M.73: Crnogorcevic. 4-1, M.80: Claudia Pina. 5-1, M.86: Martens. 6-1, M.93: Alexia Putellas.

referee: Zulema González González (Galician Committee).

Incidents: final of the Copa de la Reina played at the Santo Domingo de Alcorcón stadium (Madrid).

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