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Ras al Khaimah Sha’am, Ras Al Khaimah Area Guide

Ras al Khaimah Sha’am, Ras Al Khaimah Area Guide

Sha’am, Ras al Khaimah Area Guide



Sha’am is a popular coastal village in the northern region of Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Also known as Al-Sha’am, it is close to the border of the Sultanate of Omanand several renowned areas, including Al Jeer and Wadi Al Shaam.

Al Sha’am is a village that reflects Emirati hospitality and heritage. Residents are proud of their national identity and the UAE flag flies high over the region’s mountains, shops and other key areas. The residential area is famous for its views of the Arabian Gulf. Sha’am is also one of the popular fishing villages where people come from all over the Emirates to witness dolphins, marine life or to experience cruising in a sailing boat.


  • Located in the far north of the emirate of Ras al Khaimah
  • Close to the border of the Sultanate of Oman
  • Famous for its fishing villages
  • Overlooks the Arabian Gulf
  • Represents the country’s heritage and Emirati hospitality
  • Amenities include supermarkets, shops and hospitals
  • Close to Al-Jeer area and Wadi Al-Shaam



Sha’am Ras al Khaimah shares its borders with the Al-Jeer area. Facilities such as hospitals, supermarkets are readily available. The neighborhood also features Ras al Khaimah Bank, Shaam National Branch and the ADNOC fuel station.

Shaam is famous for its proximity to Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem Street – Ras al Khaimah.

Properties in Sha’am Ras al Khaimah

Currently, not much information is available for al-Sha’am properties. However, you can check both properties for rent in Ras al Khaimah and properties for sale in Ras al Khaimah.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Sha’am

Al Manama–Ras al Khaimah Road passes through the village and allows easy access to many of Ras al Khaimah‘s notable areas. Also, there are sufficient private and public parking spaces in the area.

Public Transportation in Sha’am

While the village doesn’t have bus stops, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salem Street ensures quick access to Dubai.


Supermarkets in Sha’am

Residents can fulfill their grocery shopping needs by visiting any of the supermarkets in Sha’am. These include Zodiac Grocery, Al Mumtaz Supermarket, Al Burouj Grocery, Al Sinan Supermarket, Emran Khandakar Grocery, Al Shehhi Grocery, Al Zaqazeeq Grocery, Rashid Saif Grossery and Al Raheeb Grocery.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Sha’am

Those looking for places for worship can find plenty of mosques, churches and temples.

There are many mosques in Sha’am Ras al Khaimah. Followers of the Islamic faith can go to Masjid Salim Abu Adeel, Ahmad Bin Hanbal Mosque, Muhammad Ibrahim Mosque, Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Mosqueand Saif Saeed bin Darwish Mosque within the area.

Christian residents can head towards St. Luke Church Complex, Apostolic Tamil Church, Emirates Christian Church, Church of God Ras Al Khaima and NTC Ras al Khaimah (TPM). These are located in Al Mamourahat a 30-minute drive from the community.

Residents can reach the Sikh Gurudwara in the Al Fahidi neighborhood of Dubai within an hour and 48 minutes by car.

Schools and Universities in Sha’am

Parents looking for preschool nearby can find Al-Shaheed Tariq Al-Shehhi Kindergarten at a 3-minute drive and AlUla Kindergartenat a 7-minute drive by car.

As for schools, one can consider Ahmed Bin Majid School for Secondary Education, Al Wadi Girls School for Basic Education – Cycle 1, Umm Al Qura School for Basic Education for Girls – Cycle One, Shaam Boy’s School for Basic and Secondary Education and Al Jeer School.

Boys school in Sha'am
Sha’am Boys School for Basic and Secondary Education

Clinics and Hospitals in Sha’am

Residents can visit Shaam Hospital Ras al Khaimah that has 11 medical departmentsclinics, surgery and operations rooms, intensive care and emergency section, and other health facilities.

Sha'am Hospital RAK
Sha’am Hospital is the most trusted medical facility for the residents

Rak Medical Center Ghalilah is another facility within a 5-minute driving distance. Al Jeer Health Center in the Al Jeer area is a 6-minute drive from the area. Shaam Pharmacy is a 4-minute drive by car.

street view of Shaam Pharmacy
Shaam Pharmacy is the nearest place to buy medical drugs


Sha’am Ras al Khaimah shares its borders with the Al Jeer area and the Ghalilah area can be reached within 7 minutes. Wadi Sha’am Ras al Khaimah can be reached within 10 minutes.



Malls in Sha’am

Currently, al-Sha’am does not have any malls or shopping centers. However, Al Naeem Mall in the Dafan Al Nakhil area can be reached within a 31-minute drive. It is one of the renowned malls in Ras al Khaimah that features various shops. The mall has numerous top clothing, electronics and cosmetics brands such as Aldo, R&B, Sharaf DG and Axiom.

Other malls that can be visited are Grove Village Mall and rak mall and Al Naeem City Center.

Restaurants in Sha’am

There are many restaurants in Sha’am Ras al Khaimah. These include Al Maghreb Restaurant, Abu Ali Restaurant, Al Raha Fried Chicken Cafeteria, Al Asrar Food & Beverage, Abdullah Saeed Restaurant, Shaam Restaurant, Zoom Burger, Al Saha Restaurant and Al Raaheeb Ice Cream.

These eateries serve a wide variety of dishes from all over the world. It is worth noting that these restaurants are located within the area, allowing residents to reach any of them within a few minutes on foot.


The al-Sha’am area is located on the waterfront in the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah, overlooking the Arabian Gulf. It is known for being one of the most famous fishing villages. The residents also have access to Shaam Beach to spend quality time with the family.

A view of Shaam Beach
Sha’am Public Beach


The Shaam area is one of the popular fishing villages in Ras al Khaimah, where residents can see dolphins and enjoy boat trips. Landmarks, including the Ashham Fort, Shaam Mountain and Al Jeer Fort are 11 minutes away. Wadi Sha’am is also an 11-minute drive from the area.


Undoubtedly, there are many places that allow residents to have a good time. Nature enthusiasts can head to Shaam Park. One can also visit the port for fishing, or go on a boat trip. Sha’am Ladies Park is reserved exclusively for ladies.

street view of Sha'am Ladies Park
Entrance of Sha’am Ladies Park

Those who want to stay fit can go to Durian Gym within the area or go to Al Jeer area to reach Al Taawun Gym and Ras al Khaimah Gymnastics Center. Al Taawun Cultural and Sports Club is also available, which is a large stadium for the Al Taawun team.

For personal grooming, there are several beauty salons for men or women in the area. These include Marasem Beauty and Henna Salon, Hawa Ladies Lounge, Blue Dan Gents Salon and Al Nashama Gents Lounge.


No exclusive events are held in al-Sha’am. However, residents can take a fishing cruise with friends to have a good time.


Shaam is considered one of the best fishing villages in the emirate of Ras al Khaimah. However, public transport is limited at this time and residents must rely on personal vehicles for a hassle-free commute.

FAQs about Sha’am

Where is Sha’am located?

Sha’am is a fishing village in Ras al Khaimah.

How long does it take to reach al-Sha’am in RAK from Abu Dhabi?

It takes 2 hours and 47 minutes via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road/E311 to reach al-Sha’am from Abu Dhabi.


  • 8 minutes away from Shaam Square in Ras al Khaimah
  • Close to the Ghalilah area, it can be reached in 10 minutes
  • Wadi Shaam Ras al Khaimah can be reached in 11 minutes
  • Close to the border of the Sultanate of Oman

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