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repatriation, cancellation… How to choose it?

repatriation, cancellation… How to choose it?

repatriation, cancellation… How to choose it?

Travel insurance: repatriation, cancellation... How to choose it?

When traveling, travelers face the eternal dilemma of travel insurance. Should I take out travel insurance? Is it mandatory? Which formula is the most suitable? Does the credit card cover certain risks? Manual.

In terms of travel insurance, it is clear that the offers abound. Faced with this profusion, the choice becomes difficult. Whether or not to use travel insurance is a choice that is up to the traveler. Cope with the unexpected? Yes, but which ones? Admittedly, the essentials are known: repatriation, cancellation. But what about accidents, lost luggage…? To see more clearly, here are some clarifications on travel insurance, the details of insurance contracts as well as their guarantees and conditions (ceilings, deductibles, exclusions).

The answer is usually no. Except for exceptions. Indeed, some countries make this formality compulsory in order to obtain a visa – which is essential – to travel to the country concerned. This is the case, especially for Cuba, Russia, Algeria or China for example. The main thing is to inquire beforehand on the website of the embassy of the country to be visited, which will be able to clarify this question of the right of entry into the country. Travel agencies are also a wealth of information to consult. The obligation to take out insurance is not the rule, but is still widely recommended by professionals, and increasingly popular with travellers.

The insurance guarantees of a Bank card, to ensure you a trip in peace and serenity, are they sufficient? To obtain an answer to this question, it is necessary to carefully study the clauses of the latter. They can reserve some unpleasant surprises. The period during which the traveler is covered – for insurance and assistance cover – by a bank card depends on the type of card: 30 days for standard Visa and Mastercard, 6 months for Premier and Gold. Depending on the bank, the clauses are different. And the points of divergence can be important. There is a ceiling on compensation and the exclusions are numerous. Hence the need to look at the details of the banking contract. To benefit from this insurance, only one prerequisite: pay all or part of the trip with the bank card.

For the more cautious who will opt for travel insurance (via Mondial insurance, Europ assistance, AVA or other specialized organization), the question of the preferred formula arises. In general, insurance covers assistance, medical expenses and public liability. According to their offers, some insurance companies can also guarantee compensation in the event of cancellation of the trip, if the reason for the cancellation coincides with the conditions set by the insurance (death, illness, fire, etc.). Count on a budget of at least 75 euros per traveler to take out cancellation insurance. Much more if you add options. Here are the main guarantees that can be offered to you:

  • Travel cancellation-modification guarantees: these cover cancellation by the consumer and reimburse the sums already paid for reservations. But these guarantees only apply if the cancellation is due to certain causes exhaustively listed in the contract, such as accident or serious illness, summons to an examination, death of a loved one, redundancy or obtaining a job or even the refusal of a visa or the theft of papers. These clauses are explicitly stated in the contract.
  • Loss of luggage: the insurance covers the difference between the reimbursement of the goods by the companies and their purchase price of these goods.
  • The trip interruption guarantee: it reimburses expenses not yet consumed but already paid, such as the end of a week’s rental for example.
  • Medical and repatriation expenses: the main guarantee of travel insurance is certainly medical repatriation insurance and coverage of medical expenses. It consists of having the insured’s hospitalization costs covered in the event of an accident, as well as the often costly search and rescue costs. The assumption of responsibility can be direct by an immediate payment, or refunded with the return of the policyholder who must advance the expenses of hospitalization. The costs related to medical repatriation and the payment of the transport and accommodation costs of a relative are also covered.
  • Civil liability insurance: this covers you in the event that you are held liable for damage that you have caused to others, such as a car accident for example. In addition to insurance costs, the contract may also provide for legal assistance and a criminal advance, in France and abroad.
  • Weather insurance: it aims to compensate the insured in the event that his vacation has been ruined by unfavorable weather. In general, the guarantee works if the temperature drops to a temperature of 10° lower than the seasonal norms. Compensation can go up to 300 euros in reimbursement. But it is not offered often.
  • Plane delay: now commonplace in contracts, you should still check if it is on your policy. It covers a possible additional expense caused by the delay of a flight, such as a hotel night for example.

To make your travel insurance work, 4 prerequisites must be met. First, the claim preventing travel must be listed in the contract. Then, it must have occurred after taking out the insurance. Indeed, the disaster must be unpredictable. Finally, it must be unintentional. To set up the procedure with the insurance company, the loss must be declared within the period provided for in the contract (generally within 5 days of the loss) and the insured must be able to justify it. For an inability to travel, the victim must, for example, provide a medical certificate.

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