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  1. I burst out laughing!!! "Look at her smile, a genuine smile. You can see it in her eyes!" LMAOOOOOO

  2. I had a waiter check back at our table like 10 times in an hour or two we were there it kinda got annoying I just wanted to eat my food in peace. Maybe cut back on how much they come back like I can always signal a waiter if I need something

  3. Look after being at home for one year and not waiting.waiters realized what a shit job it it and don't want to go back to it .it's got nothing to do with unemployment.so stop crying .

  4. If anyone needs there shift covered let me know. I got you! I've watched the video so I'm clearly qualified to work at Country Cookin!

  5. As long as No one ever puts glasses on my tray besides me

  6. Engage guests with questions: "What do you think happens when we die?" "Which religion is your favorite?" "Was Frankenstein a real person?"


  8. 2:00 The grease I mind, minor dirty spots won't be as bad. But the hair down, maybe a little smile is all good.
    *^as long as there ain't any hair in what I'm about to eat

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  10. Country cookin plz help me for a job in your restaurant… I am from Pakistan.

  11. Went bankrupt in 2020, whole chain shut down. No longer trading.

  12. This restaurant is 100% the most average place….never been here, but I know I am right. It's more plain than a white sheet of paper.

  13. I worked as a waitress for 30 years….man when it gets xtremely busy and you have to run 🏃‍♂️ being my self and honest was the best …genuine friendly and human is most important…robotics help but ….good video though for when you have to pick up waiters from the street especially here in SA…lol 😆

  14. Try keeping a genuine smile with all the emotional abuse you have to deal with 🙃. And people wonder why there’s a labor shortage… Luckily, I’m still in school so this is all temporary, but I can’t imagine doing this for the rest of my life.

  15. OMG I think Im going to barf over this Murican food video

  16. I lost my virginity at the Country Cookin’ near my home. I sometimes watch this to remember or the day I became a man

  17. All great tips. Not sure if this was mentioned but first and foremost, you should introduce yourself to your guest(s); for example, "Hi, my name is Jim/Mary and I'll be taking care of you today." The reasoning behind this is that you want to build a relationship between you and your guest(s). Other small things include bringing lemons when they order their sodas, putting children's drinks in styrofoam cups, and always having straws, sugar, sweeteners, and napkins on hand. Additionally, always ask your customer(s) how they want their meals to be prepared, ie. "how would you like your burger done, sir"?

    The goal is to create such a pleasureable experience for your guest(s) that they cannot wait to return and receive the same high level of service they've come to expect. In the end, it's your personality and the comfort you provide that will make you money above all else!

  18. this place got killed by covid. rip country cookin

  19. Starting waitress job at Golden fork hotel in Dubai tomorrow.
    Y'all are welcome.

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