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SAFETY TIPS For Tourists in Mexico!!

SAFETY TIPS For Tourists in Mexico!!

When you visit Mexico you are likely curious how safe is Mexico. What are some things you need to look out for when visiting Mexico, We out line he scams in Mexico you will want to be on the look out for. Overall Mexico is safe but in some areas around the tourist places is where there will be scams. This is a most a video of scams in Mexico to be aware of.

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  1. Awesome video like always, thanks so much for the tips, I had the same situation with an atm in a Playacar Resort 😂

  2. Ladies, keep your purses cross body / in front. If it's behind you, someone could take a razor blade to the bottom and your stuff's gone before you even realize what happened. Money belts, either the kind that go around your waist or hang from your neck (under clothes) are good ideas. For ATM's, check with your bank before you travel, some banks have relationships with banks in Mexico, so you won't be charged fee for withdrawing. Or, if you have a ballpark of how much you will spend in pesos before you leave, you can order pesos from your bank to take down in cash. Just make sure the hotel you are staying at has a safe in the room and obviously don't take it all out around with you. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Holy sh!t, I want to go to Mexico even less now. Thanks for the video!

  4. Ya, years ago in Coasta Rico they had that ATM scam. You could go into the bank to avoid the fees. But you walk into the bank and it's like the DMV, Haha. Take a number, take a seat. Good thing I had nothin better to do that day.

  5. Ya, years ago in Coasta Rico they had that ATM scam. You could go into the bank to avoid the fees. But you walk into the bank and it's like the DMV, Haha. Take a number, take a seat. Good thing I had nothin better to do that day.

  6. I was planning a Mexico City trip, after watching this video, I will probably cancel it.

  7. Its a safe place.. If youre unaware of you surroundings and a total dumbass, then youll get f"d here.. keep your head up and use common sense.. Great video, Bro!

  8. agreed with the silver..I got fucked with that too in Puerto Vallarta ..still cool looking though.

  9. Island Hopper's right about everything: cash is KING in Mex, but can't be gullible, naive travelers/tourists ANYWHERE in the world, even within your OWN borders! Alcohol? Drugs? Petty theft from "taxi drivers" due to just plain carelessness? Also, tourists don't get KILLED in Mexico. Cartels only seek RIVAL drug traffickers, so you're not a target unless you like risking life & limb for them. But even hotels/restaurants scam you if not careful, so a lil' COMMON SENSE please! And Mex street food is WORLD FAMOUS for its price & quality anyway. (Oh, and Mexico doesn't do CREDIT very well either. Even RICH Mexicans don't trust banks, whether Mex., foreign, multinational, etc.)

  10. I would never go to Mexico because I wouldn't trust anyone, I would spend the whole time worrying about everything. If I ever did I would never leave the resort. When we do travel I go for the resort only.

  11. Yeah I was just in Mexico the other day got $100 out of the ATM it cost me 125 what a rip off

  12. Great info as always and these good tips apply to all travel. Substitute Europe for Mexico and still applies. Another reason to not use your debit card is scammers will clean out your account before you know it. You can likely get it all back, but what a hassle. I always video rental cars, both at pick up and drop off, even in the states. Nothing of value in your pants back pockets and be wary in crowds.

  13. Well said this stuff is everywhere not just Mexico. Thanks bro!

  14. Dude, I grew up with a mother who insisted on sterling silver. REAL SILVER TARNISHES, fake silver does not. You're thinking of gold. Real gold does not tarnish, fake gold does.

  15. Geez. So many people trying to separate you from your money! One scam that you didn’t mention (probably because you took taxis) is filling up your rental car at the gas station. This is a major way that tourists get scammed. Fortunately, before I got to the gas station, I googled “how to get gas in Cabo” (where I just vacationed), and read a blog about numerous scams that they pull like switching your bills for smaller bills, and then confusing you and making you pay more, or not resetting the gas pump to zero and charging you for the previous customers gas plus your gas, or pretending the credit card machine doesn’t work— they swipe your credit card and then say oh it didn’t go through (and make you pay cash, so you’re paying double.) and many others. When I was pumping gas yesterday, A woman came up to me and tried to distract me by asking me a bunch of questions in Spanish (which Im not that good with) about where I’m from and what I did on my vacation. But I was aware of what she was doing and I looked over at the attendant pumping my gas and sure enough he had blocked the numbers on the pump with his body, so that I couldn’t see what he was doing. As soon as I saw that I screamed “I can’t see!!!!” Then he moved his body and they smiled at me and I avoided the scam 🙂

  16. I don't buy jewelry. My cat is my jewelry. He is the sweetest ! 😼 He purrs.

  17. 🙄🙄🙄 You Americans are believing everything, that's why you can be easily scammed.

    Who's the …. are buying jewelry in holiday ??

  18. Id be beating them up left & right for trying to scam me lol

  19. Read the 1 star reviews. The 5 star reviews are oft faked.

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