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Samsung Galaxy A20 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy A20 Tips and Tricks

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In this video we show you cool tips and tricks on the New Samsung Galaxy A20 that will allow you to enjoy using your phone more!

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  1. 📌Liked these Tips and Tricks? Learn more here. https://youtu.be/AuxivT01c08

    📌If you're running out of storage this will help! https://youtu.be/EIkvOCWz7_o

    📌Have you tried these camera tips? https://youtu.be/ogIX6tDByhI

    📌Is your battery dying too fast? If so this will help! https://youtu.be/TVGWidHU-U4

    📌If you have the Samsung Galaxy A20 you may need one of these… https://bit.ly/BestforA20

    📌😍Learn More You Can Do on Your Samsung Galaxy A20 📱Here –> http://bit.ly/LearnMyA20

  2. Incredible video!Thanks for all the tips, they were fantastic!

  3. Can you show how to change your keyboard to a video you downloaded on a Samsung Galaxy A20 please?

  4. Your Tech tips are really great and very well done. Could you please go over how to mirror cast your screen to either a television or computer monitor. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you ! You've help me to go from wanting throw my phone to learning my phone is not so bad after all !

  6. Thanks that was fun!!

  7. Can't get or send messages but can get and send SMS on fb messenger why

  8. I just did the Math.

    Based off of how much time the battery had at 95% with Max Power Saving, I predict that if your battery was at 20%, with Max Power Saving, it could still last a day and a half.
    Not only that but, even if your battery dropped to 5%, with Max Power Saving, your battery could still last 9 hours! That's absolutely insane.

  9. How to stop the wallpaper from changeing when you click the power button?

  10. Excellent instruction on A20 phone. Speaker MOVES AND TALKS slow enough to understand and see hand gestures on the screens that new users can understand! Thanks.

  11. I picked this phone up very recently as a refurbished from the tracfone website. It was getting msgs like 'not registered on network, and 'no network available' . There are videos on what to do which I have followed and work but it is not a permanent fix. Apparently, this is a pretty common issue with this phone. Do you know of any more permanent solutions, is there a firmware upgrade? Thank you for any input.

  12. Can anyone tell me if this phone has any build in screen record option? If there is how can i enable it?

  13. any thoughts about the reception on this phone. my mum has one and the reception is pretty dodgy at best. she can sometimes get phone calls and other times not. same with texts. has been back to Samsung three times (to two different repairers) while under warranty, and they say it's ok. never had any issues in her house before with previous samsung, but this one just won't work properly

  14. Good tips. I'm having trouble with some of my app features every since I've installed the T-Mobile SIM card on my galaxy a20 phone. My message app no longer have some of the functions it used to have i.e. texting over 20 people and sending a group text which will go to individual people. Additionally, my T-Mobile experience app keeps crashing. Any suggestions to how to get these features back?

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