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Saudi Arabia’s Newest Extreme Park

Saudi Arabia’s Newest Extreme Park

Many countries have been known to push the boundaries when it comes to extreme parks. Dubai, for example, created the world’s deepest pool, requiring scuba equipment just to reach the bottom. In another part of the world, Saudi Arabia is taking the term ‘extreme’ into its own hands to create ‘The Rig.’

This extreme park, as it’s defined, is not just any ordinary theme park. Of course, it’ll have the theme park rides one would typically expect from an amusement park but with one difference: It will be built in the middle of the Arabian Gulf.

That’s right… this extreme park doesn’t even have a solid foundation, at least, not one that’s rooted on land.

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The Creation Of The Rig Extreme Park

According to The Rig website, the new extreme park can be described as follows:

“Adrenaline has a new name: THE RIG., an epic offshore destination, in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. This is no theme park – it’s an extreme park, an entirely new playground of adventure.”

The intent of the park is to defy and flip on its head one might think they know about extreme sports. In addition to gravity-defying rides – that are built above water, for the record – visitors to the park can also look forward to bungee jumping, base jumping, board jumping, snorkeling, rock climbing, skydiving, and unique underwater excursions. With more than 150,000 square miles to cover, it’s easy to imagine how this would open up an entire world of fun for true adrenaline junkies.

However, it’s not just the offerings that make this extreme park so alluring to many. Rather than being built on solid ground, Saudi Arabia is converting an old out-of-use oil rig in order to showcase its extreme park. Therefore, many of its rides will feature incredible views of the surrounding Arabian Gulf as well as open water around almost every turn. From the earliest mock-ups of the park, construction also showcases unique cage-like bridges that bring visitors from one end of The Rig to the other, as well as an entire space for a venue that will be used for entertainment and various walkways. The Rig is set to be the ‘world’s biggest offshore multipurpose structure,’ according to a recent press release. It was also stated that the goal of The Rig is to divert travelers’ attention away from the oil industry and to re-focus Saudi Arabia’s tourism on something generative for the economy, as a whole.

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Hotels, Underwater Dining, And more

In addition to being a full-on extreme park, The Rig will also feature many other things that might spark a traveler’s interest. With the introduction of three new hotels as part of The Rig’s design plan, those wishing to visit this extreme park won’t need to stray very far in order to appreciate it. The three hotels that are planned for The Rig will play host to more than 800 hotel rooms, as well as 11 restaurants with one featuring underwater dining.

Once The Rig is finally opened (there has been no date set as of yet), it will also play host to some of the world’s greatest performers and extreme athletes, according to its website. One of the biggest questions visitors might have, however, is how one is meant to reach The Rig. The answer to this has been solved as well, and guests will have an option of four main transportation methods: Fast ferry, yacht, cruise, or even a helicopter for those who wish to make a grand appearance.

Future Of The Rig

While building on The Rig is not set to start until April of 2022, it has already created a worthy buzz for those interested in extreme tourism. In short, The Rig will have anything that one could possibly want on an offshore, resort-style park. There’s something to appeal to the adrenaline junkies of the world, enough luxury to appeal to the lavish-minded travelers, and enough views and entertainment to appeal to those who just want to have a good time.

The uniqueness of this entire structure built on an oil rig is sure to spark some mixed feelings but, overall, is an exciting and entrancing concept. While it’s not the first time an abandoned or out of use structure has been converted into something tourism-boosting, but it is certainly the most ingenuine idea to date. The goal of becoming a leader in the entertainment industry, and switching the focus from simply being the leader in the oil industry, is something that Saudi Arabia might just accomplish once The Rig is open to the world.

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