Simple Holiday Travel Hacks

Thanksgivings gone but the holiday season isn’t over yet this is the busiest time of year for travel so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to make your holiday adventures just a little bit more festive when it comes to holiday travel you have a million things on your mind but packing a bag doesn’t have to be one you can save tons of time packing are using large zip bags just carefully roll up your socks shirts undergarments and any other accoutrements that you plan on wearing for the days ahead rolling up your clothes will also help prevent wrinkles label each bag for the day a week this will save lots of space in your suitcase and leave room for those more bulky items this is also great for separating your dirty clothes from the clean ones when you’re traveling power loss of your mobile device can really set you back and typically strangers won’t let you get ooh BRR from their device there’s a few ways to deal with this issue ahead of time so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you’re stranded my absolute favorite solution is to always have a portable battery pack on hand now if we take a look inside this box we’ll find another box right inside the my charge amp problem perfectly designed for all your mobile charging needs and even has a set of prongs for direct outlet access now any portable battery will do this was just my favorite of the batch so let’s go ahead and move on to other solutions because if you don’t have one of these handy there are a few tricks you can use to conserve your battery first you can temporarily turn off all those notifications that spark up your phone and eat the battery away even when it’s in your pocket another staple for travel is pretty obvious airplane your phone won’t be searching for a signal and it’ll automatically disable many things that eat away the battery however the easiest thing that you can possibly do is take your brightness levels way down if you’re in an airport or on an airplane do you really need your screen that bright anyway you know one of the main reasons that people hate flying isn’t so much about the flight itself but getting through airport security without fuss well here’s a couple ways that you can make sure you catch your flight on time and please write on through your beautiful wrapping job will be torn away by airport security to make sure that the item inside are safe for flight so check that gift at the door or avoid the fancy paper until you arrive we know that shoes come off at the security point so why bother with laces put on your favorite pair of loafers or slip ons and write it out like a champ wax on wax off your way right on through many people don’t realize until the last minute that your laptop and various other electronics have to be scanned separately from the contents of your carry-on so plan ahead and pack them at the top of your bag that way you get to the line you can just pop them out put them on the conveyor and move on through but hey better yet don’t bring a carry-on at all do you really need 50 packs of Fruit Chews if it’s a short flight just check your bag grab your wallet phone and laptop in hand and stress levels will drop a huge thanks to Verizon for sponsoring our video check out this awesome playlist that might give you a few more holiday gift ideas because hey there’s times when you can have your cake and unbox it too we’ll see you next time


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