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Single Man in Thailand Beware of These Things

Single Man in Thailand Beware of These Things

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Thailand is an amazing country and I am in Love with the country, it has some great landscapes and beautiful beaches and offers the most delicious Thai Food and Sea Food. However, as a 1st-time traveler, one has to keep a few things in mind in order to ensure your stay in Thailand is a pleasant experience. I am listing 5 of such things that you must keep in mind while you are in Thailand.
Hope you will find this video helpful.

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  1. watched the first few monuments , what a load of crap

  2. Don't engage to a fight with Southeast asian,, you don't know what they capable of,, u don't even know if he knows muai Thai while Caucasian only know wrestling acting

  3. I am thinking of coming for the entire winter next year and was wondering how much would a married couple need to live on per month. Not skimping.. Mid range- Condo rent for 2 bedroom – food – going out several times a month – massage – gym all this kind of stuff !

  4. Fucking on to the point what happen

  5. Who want to marry any Asian women need to do research about them ?

  6. They're all scroungers, that's what ya get in a 3rd world situation. Have street smarts, everyone wants to get into your pocket.

  7. The Blackbsidebof Thailand? What the fuck does that mean? This guy is on ignorance….. why not the bad side…or something that had common sense…

  8. Where should I visit to be safe and meet beautiful Thailand lady..and pay for the night with her

  9. Great advice! Plus watch out for getting your drink spiked and then robbed. Even spiked food from the girl; or spiked nipples! Not joking. Or girl shags you while you are asleep to get pregnant by you! Yep! I've had that happen to me. I love the place though!!!

  10. And much of them know muay thai even the locals or girls they can come with a low or middle kick and you will not even see it coming 😅

  11. Just be respectful and mind your business, don’t carry arrogance. That’s all.

  12. Disgusting

  13. Anyone who asks you how long you are staying within 5 mins….walk away….anyone who asks you about money within the first day….walk away….anyone in the pleasure business…..walk away………UNLESS you want that stuff and you want to take advantage of THEM rather than them you. Then lie. They follow a simple script. If you want to fuck and leave, then lie. And, really, you can sense when something is too good to be true.

  14. #1 should be Don't visit Thailand. Too many foreign men commit suicide by strange methods there.

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