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TK’s Plane Spotting

Welcome to another video, even though it’s a brief one. Today’s video takes a look at glorious evening take off by an Emirates A380 which prior to the pandemic was a common visitor to Melbourne. It was always a treat to have EK 405 depart from Melbourne to Singapore during a late afternoon and evening. Stunning shots like these were common during Spring and Autumn seasons, these being from October 2018. I’ve included some additional information about this particular aircraft below for those interested. Enjoy and fingers crossed these are flying back sooner rather than later in some shape or form. Cheers

Aircraft Information:
MSN: 057
Aircraft Type: A380 – 861
Roll out: May 26th 2010
First Flight: June 11th 2010
Age: 11.3 Years
Engines: 4x GP7270
Filming Year: October 2018.




  1. Durai,when wealth is lost nothing is lost,when health is lost something is lost,u know our family culture,character is lost with accesed people's everything is lost,I don want to misguide u,please don come to India,stay in us,pudingi thindra kootam believe my words,,vara thappu yanna sanjalum kakkamatn,I'll take care u,

  2. Travelled on EmiratesAirbus 380 first time last month what a beautiful plane very smooth landing and takeoff loved it

  3. You just feel like it's bum is going to drag along when it's trying to lift off, so much bulk and weight, even the wing span is huge, incredible

  4. Seeing the most advanced commercial aircraft (Airbus A380) is such a breathtaking scene.

  5. ich wollte jetzt aber nicht das mein Privatjet hier vermarktet wird….

  6. Indeed man will never will be never be gratefull to the Almighty Allah who created him with this brain of inventing such machine and allowing it to fly on his world in which it belong to him. Allah is the owner of bounty and greatness.

  7. من اضخم وافخم الطائرات في العالم الطيران الاماراتي .اسطول جوي فخمممممممم

  8. That much weight lifting into air …..Hats of to the technology ….And engineering

  9. Wow, that's a beast. Thanks for sharing the video. Reminds me of watching a C-5 super galaxy taking off once, ha.

  10. When those white suit pilots if feels like the a380 has eyes

  11. What's the fuel payload on that Sheila??😮😮

  12. These modern marvels are something else. Majestic is the only word I can think of to describe them!

  13. In my best day I saw a emirates a380 it was like the best day at LAX airport

  14. Those engines are enormous! What are they, five metres in diameter?

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