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8 of the most amazing cenotes near Cancun

Cenotes Cancun

Anyone who has been to Cancun knows that it is a beautiful place with many things to do (like ziplines), places to see (like Mayan ruins) and experiences (like delicious food). Fantastic beaches with turquoise seas, spectacular natural attractions that fall in love with those who see them and exclusive resorts are just some of the reasons why Cancun is so unforgettable. For those who enjoy exploring nature, swimming in freshwater pools and discovering fascinating places, one of the best activities you can do is explore the […]

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Hopeless by Frida Khalo

Sans espoir de Frida Khalo

Frida Khalo (1907-1954) With her intensely colored and often terrifying self-portraits, Khalo became one of the most famous painters in history. Frida spent most of her life in Mexico City. There, at the age of 18, she had a car accident in which she suffered multiple injuries that left her disabled for life and in great pain. She started painting during her initial recovery. In 1929, she married Diego Rivera, the most famous painter of that time in Mexico. Their relationship was stormy (they divorced in 1939 […]

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Puebla de Zaragoza | Guide

Puebla de Zaragoza

Legend has it that the heroic Puebla de Zaragoza was traced by angels, which is why it was founded as Puebla de Angeles, today it is also known as Puebla de los Angeles or Angelópolis. It is the birthplace of the Mexican Revolution, Benito Juárez and chiles en nogada. This industrial, commercial and touristic city is the fourth largest city in Mexico, after Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Read moreThe most dangerous cities in MexicoSightseeing in the center can easily be done in one day, there are […]

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10 Best Music Festivals in Mexico

festival musique mexique

We often talk about the United States, but Mexico also has unmissable music festivals. The good news is that these festivals are held throughout the year. So you can attend all these events if you want. Here are our top 10: Long live the Latino Read moreThe most dangerous cities in MexicoVive Latino, an extension of the Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical Vive Latino, is an alternative music festival. It has been held every year at the Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City since 1998. It was […]

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Plan your beach wedding in Mexico

Organiser son mariage à la plage au Mexique

If you’re planning to get married on the beach in Mexico, chances are you’ll have visions of a dreamy ceremony, complete with a tranquil setting complete with ocean breezes, feet in the sand, and a breathtaking sunset to create the perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. Even if your special day goes exactly as planned, a beach wedding presents a unique set of challenges because Mother Nature, as we all know, has her way. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for your beach wedding. Here are […]

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Father’s Day in Mexico

La fête des Pères au Mexique

Once a year in Mexico, Father’s Day is celebrated, the date when Mexicans devote themselves to thanking them for the good work they have done over the years. Although the meaning is the same in all countries, it does not happen on the same day and does not have the same story in all parts of the world. The origin of Father’s Day in Mexico Read moreThe most dangerous cities in MexicoFather’s Day in Mexico is an American tradition. This holiday is relatively young because it was […]

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4 best luxury cruises for 2022-2023

Les 4 meilleures croisières de luxe à faire en 2021-2022

In this time of confinement, it’s time to reflect on all the adventures you’ve had this year and all the ones you want to have in the new year. One of the best ways to experience a destination is on a cruise. Whether you’re a family or a couple, there are thousands of cruises that offer everything you could want. We have selected for you the 4 best luxury cruises for the 2020-2021 season. The best luxury cruise line Read moreThe most dangerous cities in MexicoViking Ocean […]

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The most dangerous cities in Mexico

Les villes les plus dangereuses du Mexique

Mexico is known for its high level of crime, especially in the larger cities. In recent years, the country has seen an increase in drug-related violence, making many parts of Mexico extremely dangerous for tourists and residents alike. Mexico is indeed one of the most dangerous countries in the world. According to the Mexican government, there were 22,409 murders in Mexico in 2017. That’s an average of 61 murders per day. Many of these murders occur in cities along the US-Mexico border. Here are the top five […]

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