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The Barcelona marathon survives the heat with a double record for the event

The Barcelona marathon survives the heat with a double record for the event

The Arc de Triomf comes to be in Barcelona Marathon something like the family reception center, where a large representation of friends, couples or colleagues from the club or gym, wait for the hard workers on the asphalt to encourage them, give them some gel or simply water, shout at them until they become hoarse and, above all, capture for eternity and with their mobiles the passage through the kilometer 36where the ‘wailing wall’ appears and where the finish line, next to the Venetian Towers in Plaça de Espanya, seems further away than ever, although the halfway point of the race has already passed a while ago.

When the race leadersall of them African long distance runners, mostly Kenyans and Ethiopians, with some Ugandans, pass through this place Barcelona is still having breakfast and the Paseo de Sant Joan shows the wounds of the night war, more and more bottle in one of the star areas in the ‘ movida’ of the Catalan capital on weekends.

A Kenyan featured

Passes in first position and outstanding, a Kenyan, Mike Boytradiant, with an extraordinary technique, arms and legs perfectly attuned, and still unaware that a little further on, right at Paral.lel, the man with the mallet will arrive, the one who punishes marathon runners and cyclists, with the dreaded pájara, when little stars are seen and the body betrays the mind.

The pace of the African runners is so exaggerated that, half an hour after their passage, with the female leaders, also Ethiopians and Kenyans in between, when popular athletes arrive who look more human, it almost feels like they’re walking instead of running. But they, at least, dispute the Barcelona marathon with a double heat: the nice one, the one of the shouts of friends, relatives and curious, and the feared one, May is not the best month of the year to dispute a race of these characteristics ; one of the reasons why this 2021 only a little more than 8,000 participants25% women, signed up for the race.

The effects of the pandemic

But it couldn’t be in March, because popular athletics in Spain still ran with the side effects of the pandemic and because it was not possible to do it before due to the absurd coincidence with other official races of the athletic calendar of the Spanish Athletics Federation.

However, despite the decline in participants, the Barcelona Marathon he was once again in luck and demonstrated the tremendous success of diverting the race to Calle de Sepúlveda and thus avoiding the endless straight along Paral.lel, from its start, after passing Colón, to Plaza de Espanya.

The winners

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For this reason, in each edition the test recordboth in men and women, to the point that it is possible to speak, without spirit of error, that the previous marks are being pulverized, as happened this Sunday, with two podiums, male and female, completely Ethiopian, long-distance runners who little by little they are gaining weight and beating their Kenyan rivals in marathons.

Yihuniligne Adane stopped the stopwatch at 2 hours, 5 minutes and 52 seconds and lowered the absolute record of the Barcelona marathon by 11 seconds. Much more exaggerated was the female record. The winner, Meseret Dekebocrossed the finish line 2.23.09 hours after taking the start and lowering the time of 2021, that was only six months ago, in 44 seconds; simply amazing.

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