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The best DUBAI FOOD TOUR | Dubai street food

The best DUBAI FOOD TOUR | Dubai street food

During her time filming in Dubai India took a walking tour of Deira’s best street food hotspots with Arva from Frying Pan Adventures, opening her eyes to some incredible food from all over the Middle East. For anyone spending a few days in Dubai this walking tour is a total must-do.

Want to learn more about travelling to Dubai? Visit our Dubai Travel Hub: https://www.holidayextras.com/destinations/dubai.html

Book your Dubai street food tour here ► https://www.fryingpanadventures.com/

***PLEASE NOTE*** This video was filmed and edited BEFORE the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check all local guidelines before booking your trip.

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  1. 2like 👍 verry nice and intereseting 👌
    I have subscribed to your wonderful channel, I want to see in the future more important and good content too, much success

  2. 1:45 in the Middle East we say "Eating with a fork and spoon is like making love to your food through a translator".. that’s absurd I never heard this. We at the Middle East have a high respect to food "Blessing food", if a Small piece of bread fall on the floor we pick it up and above ones head to show respect

  3. The explicationof is really good and I like to listen her. Food looks delicious!!

  4. Where did u find this weirdo? Lmao

  5. Nice vedio. I been holidays in Dubai last moth. It's a nice place for holiday.

  6. Kudos to pale lady … she tired falafel 😊 with out spitting it out.

  7. I like the food description and specially Arabic coffee ☕she is really expirt in Arabic culture

  8. I did some tours with Arva, they all were extremely interesting and the food was great. Greetings from Munich Arva, planning to be in Dubai in March 22

  9. I am terrified of girl in black top.

  10. Headphone 🎧
    High volume 🔊—
    Broken heart💔
    Remember old memories 😔
    Closed eyes 😞
    Tears on my eyes😭 _
    Its,My Feelings_ _
    MIsss you So MuCh _______

  11. Wow awesome culinary and cultural tour in Dubai… would love to do this tour when I get the chance to visit Dubai

  12. By far the best food tour, and the sweet lady guide from Dubai has amazing presentation skills! Keep it up👍🏻

  13. Great vid…. where is that Egyptian Restaurant?? Thanks.

  14. She makes food sound like an art 🎨

  15. What are the names of restaurants ??? Thank you !

  16. I could hang out with Arva all day.

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