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The boom in storage room rentals in Barcelona

The boom in storage room rentals in Barcelona

The lack of space in most homes located in large cities, such as Barcelona, ​​entails the storage room rental. Having a few extra meters to store objects or belongings can be a good option in many cases. Even unforeseen events such as a move can arise in a person’s life, so they might need this space for a certain time.

However, there are other possibilities today, such as the change of office or the need for extra storage to store documentation or work tools. With the coronavirus pandemic, a large number of people have decided to telecommute and save on renting an office or co-workingtherefore, this option can also be very effective.

The advantages of renting a storage room in Barcelona

In recent years, storage spaces have represented a very important growth. From the need to have an extra space to store furniture, winter clothes, sports accessories to if the person is enterprising and requires a small space to store items, everything is possible.

The European Federation of Self Storage (Fedessa) estimates that the global volume of this business will be 4.13% annually until 2026. Therefore, the self storage solutions They have become an excellent option for many people.

In OhMyBox! This option is available and, in addition, the user will be able to process their request online. You can count on an extra surface of 1 m² to 12 m², totally safe and according to your space needs. Only, you have to have the corresponding documentation and sign the contract to have a storage room in the shortest possible time.

Planning and order in a storage room

Renting a storage room in Barcelona offers many benefits, however, you have to know how to organize it to get the most out of it. In this sense, good planning and order are key aspects to provide greater functionality to a space, if it is distributed intelligently.

  • First of all, it is recommended to use robust metal shelves to place the objects.
  • Likewise, it is advisable to use a cabinet to put those utensils that must be protected from dust.
  • It is convenient to leave a central corridor to easily access all corners of the storage room.
  • On the other hand, it is recommended to organize the objects in transparent boxes and add labels to know what they contain.
  • Finally, the ideal is to leave everything that is used most frequently at hand.

To conclude, it should be noted the importance of a good lighting so that it reaches all corners correctly. The light in cold tones will help us to better appreciate the space and find what we are looking for in the shortest possible time.

In summary, renting a storage room is a good alternative if we need a little more space. On many occasions, we begin to store objects around us sacrificing our comfort and comfort. For this reason, having an extra surface can be a great relief for an individual or a businessman.

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