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The contrast of the Idol is in the areas

The contrast of the Idol is in the areas

The first stage already has a winner. Barcelona ratified its leadership, which serves to secure a place in an eventual final and obtained the pass to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2023.

However, there are points to improve if the desire of the yellows is to be direct champions. According to Janio Pinto and Julio Cesar Rosero, Both former Idolo players, the best and what needs to be perfected in the Canarian team is in the areas, highlighting the defensive security and considering that the offensive connections were not the best.

“It was a very irregular first stage, not only in Barcelona, but of the other teams as well. But they had good matches at the beginning of the tournament with a new coach like Jorge Célico. Something different was really seen, although with the passage of time that was diminishing in a certain way, ”said the Brazilian strategist.

For his part, Rosero commented that more was expected in international tournaments, but that after this objective was achieved, the players and the coaching staff will seek to consolidate.

“More was expected in Libertadores and Sudamericana, but it seems to me that Barcelona had a lot of advantage at the beginning of the tournament and it depended on them to win this first stage. They gave a joy to that fan somewhat dissatisfied by the eliminations. The players will surely try to improve, the coaching staff already knows the team and will seek to consolidate it”.

We were able to see Jorge Célico giving an opportunity to boys who were somewhat interesting. It’s a good thing for Barcelona football

Janio Pinto, former Barcelona player

Barcelona Cumbaya

Barcelona, ​​finalist of the LigaPro 2022

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One of the positive characteristics of the bullfighter squad was its defense. According to LigaPro statistics, they only conceded 11 goals, being the least beaten fence, in addition to keep the zero in the arc in six opportunities.

“On the defensive Javier Burrai has had a very important semester. Carlos Rodríguez with Luca Sosa have complemented each other well, he is one of the best central duos. Leonel Quiñónez was able to assume responsibility in the absence of Mario Pineida, on the right he has great players like Byron Castillo and Pedro Pablo Velasco”, pondered the Emperor.

It seems to me that it is not only a matter of forwards. In Barcelona there has been a lack of making better decisions in the last touch

Julio Cesar Rosero, coach

A pending issue, in which both experts agree, is the lack of supply to the center forwards. “Those area players always depend on the strikers. They were not good. Adonis Preciado was not good, neither was Erick Castillo and Christian Penilla, I think the problem is there”, declared Pinto; while Rosero limited: “If a center forward, in the case of Carlos Garcés, if the players who arrive from the sides, do not finish a good play, this will harm the performance of the forwards,” the coach also let know.



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The goalkeeper and the defense

With Javier Burrai in goal and in a defense led by the central defenders Paco Rodriguez and Luca Sosa, the yellow team had the least overcome fence of the first stage of the LigaPro by receiving only 11 goals in 15 games.

The juveniles were shown

With the arrival of Jorge Célico, players from the training divisions such as LLeonardo Yánez (19), Jeison Mina (20) and Charlie Delgado (19), who entered the retina of the coaching staff for future matches.

Recover from eliminations

Although Barcelona in the first semester was eliminated from the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, the group had mental toughness so that this does not affect the objective that he had left in this part of the year: to win the stage.


The game on the offensive side

Mastriani Barcelona Wanderers

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The generation for the strikers was not ideal, hence Gonzalo Mastriani and Carlos Garcés did not score more goals. Experts point out that players like Christian Penilla and Erick Castillo and Adonis Preciado They didn’t stock them properly.

Sharpen the tactical idea

The yellows had games in which they were relentless, however in others could not show an effective game idea, Jorge Célico will have to work on that for the second stage of the tournament.

The choice of reinforcements

Not all the hirings that were made at the beginning of the season had the performance that was expected in the Idol, It is something that the leadership must improve for the second half of the year.

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