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the criteria for choosing

the criteria for choosing

the criteria for choosing

Why should travel insurance be purchased?

Certainly, subscribe to a travel insurance it’s not mandatory. But it is strongly recommended if you want to visit a country, whatever the cause. Indeed, the majority of the guarantees provided by your insurers no longer cover you once you leave the French borders.

However, regardless of where you are, you are never safe from an incident such as theft of luggage, accidents, any illness, etc. Subscribing to a health insurance contract is then a good way to go abroad and stay there in peace. This insurance includes all the essential guarantees to help you deal with any unforeseen event. Here are, among others, the main guarantees offered by travel insurers:

  • Repatriation assistance,
  • The civil liability guarantee outside the borders,
  • Compensation for your hospitalization and medical expenses abroad.

Taking out travel insurance also allows you to benefit from essential services such as assistance in the event of the theft or loss of your identity papers and the sending of your medication abroad.

Choose travel insurance according to your needs

The best way to choose travel insurance is based on your needs. This will save you a lot of time when comparing the quotes you have obtained. In order to know your expectations, try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you want to cover all your trips or just the next one?
  • What is your destination ?
  • How long do you plan to stay there?
  • What are the most important guarantees for you (cancellation insurance, extreme sport, etc.)?
  • What is the maximum amount that you can allocate to this insurance?

Answering these questions will also allow you to find the option that suits your budget perfectly. You will know if you are going to choose full or partial coverage. This will make it easier for you to choose between the most common insurance policies, namely:

  • Flight cancellation insurance,
  • Trip cancellation insurance,
  • repatriation insurance,
  • Multi-risk insurance (containing several covers including medical expenses)
  • etc

Of course, you must find out about the different offers offered by insurers in order to find the right one. Sites like The Insurance Comparator can help you. These online tools make it easier for you by showing you in detail each service provider and their prices.

Opt for the insurer that offers the most suitable rates

Each insurer has its own rates. If you want to be sure to choose the right one, compare travel insurance by studying each of the offers on offer. Generally, travel insurance costs between 4 and 6% of your stay. It is therefore advisable to consider this price during your travel planning. Although the rates are different, the service providers determine them according to your destination, your number of employees, your age, etc.

In conclusion, there is no ideal travel insurance for everyone. You need to consider your needs and your budget when making the choice. You must also carefully compare each quote to find the best travel insurance, the one that suits you.

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