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  1. Super beau…☀️😊👍….j'espère que les autres endroits visités ont été moind chargés de bateaux…des bisous à vous..😘😘

  2. Wow great filming, color and light. Maybe a filter in post? Terrific

  3. Sorry… You are searching for calm, but you are one of the thousends of boats searching for calm and all of you together just make the calm over. You are not sailors. You just turists with money enough to travel on boat. You not so annoying like an jetski , I agree…

  4. Saw your vlog the first time ❤️❤️❤️
    Just loved it completely 😘😘😘

    What is the length of your sailboat ???

  5. Je vous découvre pour la première fois. Belle vidéo et point de vue juste sur les baléares en juillet et août. Ce qui ne donne pas trop envie d’y aller. Et pourtant c’est très beau. Bonne nav et bon vent.
    Patrick du voilier « Tranqu’île »

  6. Sorry guys, but there is not a dark side in Baleares!!! Everything is GREAT!!! So I am not agree with you

  7. Mrda se brod?? 🙂 Is that what you said? Where are you from?

  8. Beautiful family, a gorgeous host, exotic places, and great music, I love it! I would love to see more underwater swimming or snorkeling if you can. Love to all of you.

  9. dark side?…because of people like you want to do the same you do at the same time… there is no dark side…people around you maybe think the same of your presence there… the title of the video is not very fair, I'm sorry. Try to be there i june and you will find a paradise, believe me. Good luck!

  10. We were in Ibiza this summer,, we couldn't stand the number of yachts and resulting noise well into the night. We'll never return to Ibiza in season that's for sure.

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