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The Fitven Barcelona 2022 and the Neveri river or “our lives are the rivers that flow into the sea, which is death”

The Fitven Barcelona 2022 and the Neveri river or “our lives are the rivers that flow into the sea, which is death”

A few days ago, almost two weeks, Fitven 2022 was installed in Barcelona, ​​in the open spaces of the State Government, where justified and deserved recognition was given to local writers, such as Luis Rafael, “El cojo”, Pereira Salazar and al novelist Raúl Tornel. I only regret that on this occasion, given the importance of the event, the excellent national and internationally renowned Anzoatiguense writer, who is enough to say, was the winner of the “Casa de las Americas” prize, with a dense and abundant work, native from Aragua in Barcelona, ​​Denzil Romero, to whom I proposed on the occasion that this was elucidated, in the Casa Amarilla, in Barcelona, ​​as the right one to be honored, given its indisputable importance and quality. Read below a list of the works of the writer for whom I requested recognition at Fitven Barcelona 2022.*

It caught my attention that, having a “stand” of the IPASME publishing house and having been the winner in 2010 of its narrative award, which they awarded me in 2013, in a very informal way, publishing the book, but without giving me any credential that recognized me as such and neither was I paid the “cash” prize provided for that purpose, after so many claims, it shows that the reader can find in my file corresponding to Aporrea and in Eligio Damas’s Blog, My novel, titled “The World’s Greatest Crime,” was not on display there. Perhaps it wasn’t there because all the books exhibited there were for sale and mine, as it says on the back cover, is “for free distribution”, which would be a deficiency of the festival. Nor in the space corresponding to the editorial “El Perro y la Rana”, “La Mudanza”, a novel that, according to the evidence I have, was also published in 2013. Being me, like those justly honored, a Venezuelan citizen, inhabitant of this city like them. I have lived in Barcelona for 56 years, where my daughters and granddaughters were born and I spent my whole life as a teacher between this city and Puerto La Cruz and I was a columnist for several newspapers in the same spaces for years.

Apart from the fact that this author has published another work entitled “Venezuela at a crossroads”, on Amazon and numerous books, fragmentarily in different media, thousands of articles like the one that only in Aporrea I have reached today, with this one, to 2743, dozens of essays and a book of “Regional History” for which I have done diligence to publish it without any success. Despite this I have insistently claimed it, at the same time that I have repeatedly been the author and bearer of the paper to introduce the study of regional history in the school at different levels as a means of identification and even decolonization. And now I am dedicated to writing a historical novel about the life of the independence fighters of the eastern plain.

Not to mention that right now, at the request of Minister Villegas and Vice Minister Arturo Casal, given my claims, two months ago I re-sent the original of “La Mudanza”; occasion that I took advantage of to send him another two novels, “When we wanted to storm the sky” and “Los perdedores”.

I said nothing to anyone about it, despite having in the “stands” mentioned, works published in years prior to mine and that the honored writers, whom I entertain, have not received a prize like the one I got, because the IPAS -ME has a national character, rather I dedicated my concern to another matter. I know very well that one’s behavior is subject and almost forced to take risks. If you become uncomfortable and critical, as I usually do, that has its costs and not only that has happened to me but I’ve even gotten used to it.

Despite the foregoing and even for this reason, when I was at Fitven Barcelona, ​​as I said before, just two weeks ago, I was interested, because that was the reason that brought me there, to be able to talk with Governor Luis José Marcano, an objective that I managed, when I was able to tell him, with all due respect, “Governor, please put interest in the river“. It was the “loquacious” way I found to draw your attention to a problem that for me is extremely serious. story of Edgard Allan Poe, who despite visiting a residential building every day for his work, that of carrying letters, a woman having been murdered in one of the apartments, nobody mentioned him when the police inquired if someone from outside, that day, the one with the crime, had come from outside. The postman was part of the landscape. As usual every day, he also visited the building and it was he who committed the crime.

For years I have dedicated particular attention to the subject of the Neverí River and there are already dozens of articles that I have written in its defense. Right now, it is in the worst condition, for more than 50 years in this city. For the authorities, starting with the previous governor, a certain Barreto Sira, who passed by like a ghost or rather gave us the feeling that under his mandate there was no authority or any more gray, inept and indifferent there arrived and the government palace remained even as empty, the river seems not to exist or they do not want it to exist. And perhaps for this reason, not being able to send it to be filled, destroying a hill, they have allowed it to be covered by the bora, so that no one sees it and makes them forget the water that runs down to the sea, carrying only the corpses of animal fauna. But he, in some space, looks out and cries, because it is not the water that he brings from up there, from the mountain, but his tears and ours, the little that one sees in small spaces. For all of the above, I hope in good faith and with hope that what the governor replied to me with obvious signs of interest becomes true, “we are working on it and don’t worry, we are going to solve what worries you.” And I hope so, because to be fair, not to be petty and make myself the bearer of false or at least deformed images, I will say that I have been observing that the new authorities have initiated an effort and activity worthy of recognition to rescue many spaces in the city. Whatever that could reach the river, because the due human sensibility demands that.

But I want to draw attention, like the people of Barcelona, ​​those who were born here, that river hardly hurts them, hardly anyone, said that way so as not to be exaggerated, is interested in it, moves and less cries. In the last 50 years, almost the only ones who have cried out for him have been the native journalist from Cumanacoa, Sucre State, Pablo Aguilera, former director of the newspapers “El Norte” and “El Metropolitano” and editor-in-chief of the “Diario from the East”, a good friend who now I don’t know where he is and this server, Cumanian by birth, perhaps because of José Antonio López and “Río Manzanares, let me pass”.

The same attitude one observes before the alarming deterioration of the colonial architectural heritage of this beautiful city.

I do not want to leave out the unfortunate state of the stadium that bears the name of the best player born in Barcelona, ​​Emilio Cueche. Two days ago I passed by him and I felt sorry for the rudeness that can be seen there and remembering the glories and joys that the excellent baseball player that “the Indian” gave us, who in addition to being a pitcher of great qualities, was also a high batter. numbers, skillful and powerful, so much so that in triple A, where barely only Latinos and more blacks or Indians like him arrived or could climb, playing with the Sugar King team, on several occasions he pitched and hit fourth.

*Work and awards by Denzil Romero

Man vs. Man (1977)

Infundia (1978, short stories)

The Inventory (1982, short stories)

The Tragedy of the Generalissimo (1983 novel)

Chronicles Place (1985)

I Deliver the Demons (1986, novel)

Grand Tour (1987, novel)

Dr. Thorne’s Wife (1987, novel)

Belated Declaration of Love by Seraphine Louis (1988, novel)

La carujada (1990, novel)

Seems Like It Was Yesterday (1991, Chronicle)

The heart in the hand (1993, short story)

Tonatio Castilán or a certain sun god (1993)

Loves, passions and vices of the Great Catalina (1995)

To Follow the Wander (1998)

Equinoctial Recurrence (2002)

7 Half-Written Essays (2001)


House of the Americas 1983

The Vertical Smile, for “The Wife of Dr. Thorne. 1988

Petare Municipal Award

Caracas Municipal Award

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