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The History of Dubai International Airport.

The History of Dubai International Airport.

The History of Dubai International Airport.

The history of civil aviation in Dubai started in July 1937 when an air agreement was signed for a flying boat base for the aircraft of Imperial Airways with rental of the base at about 440 Rupees per month – this included the guards’ wages. The Empire Flying Boats also started operating once a week flying east to Karachi and west to Southampton, England. By February 1938, there were four flying boats a week. (wiki)

In the 1940s, flying from Dubai was by flying boats operated by British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), operating the Horseshoe route from Southern Africa via the Persian Gulf to Sydney.

Dubai International comprises three terminals
Terminal 1 (includes Concourse D) serves all airlines
Terminal 2 serves scheduled, charter, and special flights (pilgrimage)
Terminal 3 (includes Concourses A, B & C) is dedicated for use by Emirates airline
DXB strengthened its position as world’s number 1 international airport with annual traffic of 83.6 million passengers in 2016. Traffic is projected to reach 89 million in 2017.
DXB became the world’s number 1 airport for international passengers in 2014 with passenger numbers totalling 70.4 million.
The airport serves 90 airlines flying to more than 240 destinations across six continents.

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  1. The goal here is to see the evolution of Dubai, thus something to read….I don’t understand why you were not intelligent enough to see the that the text is WAY TO FAST

  2. Dude slow down the texts I couldn’t read crap with it that fast

  3. 3,870,000 aircraft handled per year…..bollocks, even with 2 runways….to suggest that is to argue that each runway will handle an aircraft movement (ie landing or take-off) every 16 seconds……this is not possible or even allowed……..Even the worlds busiest airport (Mumbai…at May 2017) handles movements every 65 seconds…..I would proffer that it is more like 387,000…which makes more sense

  4. God bless us! unity,Peace and support one another.. Love always,Lani D. Nepomuceno,Albay,Philippines..

  5. The Flying Boat which appeared at the beginning of the video is rising the flag of Iraq in the period of the Royal reign

  6. I'd like to correct something here. Concourse D construction started in 2013, not in 2011.

  7. надеюсь еще вернусь когдани будь туда)

  8. Great Dubai, Home for Multicultural International Community.

  9. J pemdent hook in a bubble chain made for just one for dubia to connect to the internet and gateway gobal service

  10. The slides with text moved even faster than the growth of the airport. 😀

  11. This is giving so much Information 😊 thank you so much ❤💗💖♥💕🙏❤💗💖♥♡♡♡ mashallah

  12. We hear to many bad think happening in dis airport frome.the workers their to the people specialist the ones working on the service desk

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