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The Melting Pot Review | Melting Pot Restaurant | Cheese Fondue | Chocolate Fondue

The Melting Pot Review | Melting Pot Restaurant | Cheese Fondue | Chocolate Fondue

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Thank you for joining me today on The Melting Pot Review. You might be surprised on how this turns out. We were celebrating a birthday so we always try something new. If you do come to Melting Pot Restaurant for the 1st time then try and look the menu up before. It took us a while to understand everything. My favorite part about all this was the Cheese Fondue and the Chocolate Fondue. Hope this review is helpful and I hope to see you on the next video.




  1. This place looks really cool I glad she enjoyed her birthday Happy birthday God bless ♥️🎂🎈that was expensive especially since there was no liquor ♥️

  2. Hey hey my friend were going to have to try the melting pot love me some cheese, that ok like fun. Your lil ladies are looking grown🧡💙🧡💙. Sorry about the duck 🤢🤢😀😀

  3. There is one down in Destin FL, but I never tried it. Now after this video I may have to try it.

  4. I only go there for dessert. They need better options for the cheese dip (potatoes maybe?) and the main meal just seems unsatisfactory.

  5. I work at the melting pot, you can get all shrimp! For next time ask to create your own 🙂

  6. I'm going there next friday. Does the cheese fondue and salad come with your meals or do you have to order them seperately? How are the portions? thanks

  7. Honestly it doesn’t look like a ton of food to me. Did you find the amount of food satisfactory for the price?

  8. The Melting Pot is amazing in every way at least the ones in California are because I have been to many of them and all where excellent😋. Maybe he price point was too expensive for you🤑

  9. My daughter went and she wasn’t impressed, she said the food was just “ ok” . Which is crazy for the price.

  10. Thank you for sharing! We received a gift card and wondered what to expect.

  11. The way you say The Melting Pot. The emphasis makes it sound like the pot is melting 😂
    I’m going for the first time tonight. Thanks for the video. Everything on the menu looks so good; I can’t decide.

  12. I ate at the Melting Pot once. The oil splashed at my grandma and blinded her in her right eye. The ironic thing was she was already blind in her left eye since birth.

  13. 2 carts full of food at a supermarket for the same price

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