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The most terrifying getaways for this Halloween

The most terrifying getaways for this Halloween

One more year is coming Halloweenthe Night of the Souls and the day of the deadwhere the traditionsthe legends and that belief that opens the door to the spirit world make these dates one of the most special of the year.

If you want to experience them in a special way without having to go very far, these suggestions will interest you. Don’t miss out on some of the most terrifying getaways for this Halloween without leaving Spain that we propose today. Have a scary night!

Halloween getaway ideas

Cedeira (A Coruna)

Halloween pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin/Photo: Pixabay

We start running away Galiciawhere the Samain either Samhainthe Irish festival that gave rise to Halloween that later spread throughout the world. During the Samain, the spirits come to walk among the living and the typical thing is to leave them food outside the houses to scare them away and not to enter them.

One of the places where the night of Samhain is lived in a very special and disturbing way is Cedeira (A Coruna). There are many activities organized in this seafaring and medieval villagesuch as size and pumpkin Show, and the preparation of cooked chestnut necklacescalled zonchos. But without a doubt the most chilling is when they take place at night street paradeafter the lights have gone out, through the old town. A parade of meigas, ghosts, legendary characters and souls in pain walk through the streets, in a celebration in which the burning of a huge pumpkin on the banks of the river.

Radiquero (Huesca)

Radiquero Night of the Souls
People in Radiquero during the Night of the Souls/Photo: www.radiquero.com

In Aragonese lands there is an incredible place where other traditions of our country survive to live a thrilling night of Halloween differently. The O Coronazo Cultural Association has been revitalizing the festivity around the Night of the Souls in the village of rooter. In fact, It is requested that no one come in disguisesince it is about preserving the essence of one of our ancestral customs.

The Night of the Souls you live in a special way in Radiquero. Among other activities, you can sign up for the skull-pumpkin making workshopsthe ascent to the cemetery in Sad Entourage next to the almetas and totons (vigilant souls and guardians of the cemetery), listen to gloomy storytellers and end the night tasting fried eggs and longanizeta typical of the region. During the afternoon, you can also tour the town mysterious corners looking for the souls, although be prepared to take more than one scare.

Almodovar del Rio (Cordoba)

Castle of Almodóvar del Río – Photo: Depositphotos

Another one of those special places where you can be scared during the halloween weekend It is the beautiful town of Almodovar del Riohalf an hour by car from the Andalusian city of Cordova. In addition to discovering your religious and traditional architecture you can spend a terrifying day in the spectacular almodovar castle (C. Castillo, 14720 Almodóvar del Río, Córdoba), where legends and mysteries take place in the corners of its towers and dungeons.

This fortress, in which they celebrate medieval days of historical reenactment and training in medieval fightingorganizes each year the black moons around All Saints. During the night, all the legends of the castle come to life to live a scary morning within the walls of this exceptional site. In 2022, the Black Moons take place on October 28 and 29.

Remember that the series was filmed in the Almodóvar castle Game of Thrones, its dungeons being part of the realm of Casterly Rock and the entire fortress the realm of House Tyrell, Highgarden. You can take advantage of your getaway to Halloween to follow the game of thrones tour by the castle.

Vilassar de Dalt

Horrorland Park
Horrorland Park/Photo: www.horrorlandpark.com

If you are looking to spend a Halloween terrifying, we propose you as a destination Vilassar de Daltin Barcelona. And it is that, in addition to the plans that you will find in this town 15 minutes by car from the BarcelonaYou could visit horrorlanda theme park for ages 13+ where all nightmares become reality between the months of October and November.

Horrorland (Finca Mas Brassó s/n, 08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona) is known as the best scream park in europe. Seven haunted Housesnumerous scary showsa games area and a food and drink area have everything for you to spend a spooky experience.

To access you can buy one of the four types of tickets: general, fastpass, VIP or RIP Tour. And he remembers that activities are not recommended pregnant women, people with problems respiratory, cardiovascular or of health usually.

Soria (Castile and Leon)

Festival of the Souls of Soria/Photo: www.turismosoria.es

For another one of those daunting plans for the Night of the deads you must go to Soria. Here the nineteenth-century writer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer set some of his dark legends, such as The mount of the soulsand every year the so-called Festival of Souls.

Since 1986, between October 21 and November 1, there have been various activities such as dramatized guided tours and screenings of classic films such as Nosferatuin addition to reading stories by authors such as BecquerLovecraft, ShellyMachen, poe and Dickens, among others, in the ruins of san nicholas.

But the most special moment occurs during the Night of the deadswhen the celebration night parade on the banks of the Douro Riverin which you will see in procession of soulsskeletons, giant puppets and Knights Templarin an environment as gloomy as it is gloomy, as well as the Round of the Souls. A festival that you cannot miss.

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