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The new section radars in Barcelona tunnels begin to work

The new section radars in Barcelona tunnels begin to work

Starting this Monday, drivers will probably be more alert on the Barcelona road with the installation of four new radars compared to last week. The City Council has put into operation four section cinemometers on various roads in the city, specifically, it is the Rovira tunnel, Badal tunnel, Ronda Litoral (Moll de la Fusta) and Glòries tunnel.

It should be noted that drivers will have a margin of 2 months to accommodate these new controls. In the event that they break the permitted speed limit in this time period, they will receive a warning, so they will not be fined. However, after these two months, specifically in August, sanctions will start to apply with total normality, according to sources from the consistory.

These new section radars calculate the average speed to which a vehicle has traveled from point to point, that is, on a path of a given length. When the car passes through the first checkpoint, a camera equipped with infrared (so that it also works at night) and license plate recognition take a picture and record the exact time of entry. At the end of the section, another camera rephotographs the transport and records the exact time of departure.

Once the radars do their job, a computer is responsible for collecting and reviewing the data obtained. Also, no matter how much the vehicle changes lanes, the images captured by the different radars are processed by the same computer. If the computer program detects that the vehicle has used Less time than stipulated to travel this distanceit means that the car has circulated above the regulatory values. In this case, the computer will process relevant complaint.

The implementation of these radars has been carried out with the intention of preventing and protecting vulnerable users. That is, the group that brings together pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of personal mobility vehicles, as well as children, the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Barcelona City Council takes into account 4 axes to reduce the number of victims on the road: the prevention of accidents with the most damage to victims, the implementation of specific measures for vulnerable users, the resolution of problems in black spots and specific and ad hoc work in cases where fatalities are recorded.

The installation of 17 more radars has already begun

From the City Council, they have reported that this May has begun the installation of 17 radars located mostly in school environments. They will start working from September in the information phase for a few months before going on to sanction. Barcelona will have at the end of the year a total of 54 radars: 5 section, 12 in school environments and 37 point.

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