The perfect way to get from Boston to New York


To get to New York from Boston, several means are available to travelers. The most accessible remains the bus, but these adventure enthusiasts can also choose the car, the train or the plane. These different modes of transport each have their advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you have to choose the one that suits your budget.

The plane, the fastest way to get to New York

As a reminder, the distance between New York and Boston is 306 km, or about 190 miles. Flying between these two American cities is an excellent alternative because the flight lasts barely an hour. Various local companies offer cheap flights. Despite this, you have to choose carefully if this means of transport really meets your expectations. Even though it is the fastest way to get to New York from Boston, it is often not recommended by experts. And for good reason, we lose too much time when checking in luggage and during the transfer from the airport. Added to this is the loss of time during checks. In other words, going by plane between New York and Boston remains an option to consider during a trip. It is better to opt for other solutions to avoid any type of inconvenience.

Train Boston

The interest of choosing the train to go to New York from Boston

One of the best alternatives for getting to New York from Boston is to take the train. Comfortable and accessible, this means of transport is the most suitable solution to avoid traffic jams on the road. This train trip also allows you to take advantage of interesting equipment during the journey. For example, a power outlet can be used to charge electronic devices (telephone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Travelers also have several storage spaces to put their luggage and personal belongings. The train obviously presents several advantageous options so that one can travel in the best conditions. Moreover, the train journey takes about 4h30 from South Station (Boston) to Penn Station (New York). Several departure and arrival stations are also available according to the needs of each traveler. On the price side, the round trip ticket is $100 to $200 in economy class.

Traveling by bus and car from Boston to New York

Two solutions are proposed to travel by road to New York from Boston, either by car or by bus. If you want to drive on American roads and discover the east coast of the USA, renting a car is interesting. For this, it is necessary to take into account some modalities: road code to respect, possession of an international license, etc. Even if this option allows you to live a unique experience during the trip, it is advisable to take the bus. The latter remains the most economical solution, but the least comfortable, for this route. Several bus companies offer trips from Boston to New York. They have websites to make a seat reservation and to select the point of departure and arrival.

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