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The Travel Insurance Guide > Save on your insurance

The Travel Insurance Guide > Save on your insurance

The Travel Insurance Guide > Save on your insurance

LMost travel insurance covers loss or theft of luggage. However, check the ceiling and exclusions carefully because they can hold unpleasant surprises.

Cancellation cover: trip cancellation must be covered by your Travel Insurance; Again, take a good look at the ceilings.

Medical expenses: This is the most important point of your travel insurance. Make sure that the medical coverage is suitable for your trip.

Civil Liability: Civil liability covers you and your family in the event of damage to a third party during your trip, whether the damage is material or bodily.

Your travel insurance exclusionssuch as (1) pre-existing conditions (2) Medicines classified as “comfort” (e.g. food supplements or vitamins), and parapharmacy products such as sunscreen or bandages (3) sports extremes such as kitesurfing, diving, climbing.

The age limits of your travel insurance:Some limit coverage from certain ages, often 65 years old. In this case, take out specialized senior travel insurance.

What does your credit card cover?Also take the time to check who the beneficiaries of the insurance integrated into your credit card are.

When to get travel insurance?We advise you to subscribe at least one week before your departure.

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