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They arrest 31 multi-recidivist thieves over the weekend

They arrest 31 multi-recidivist thieves over the weekend

The Mossos d’Esquadra arrested over the weekend 31 multi-recidivist thieves related to various violent robberies at different points of Barcelona. The arrests were carried out within the framework of Pla Tremall and through nightlife and high-end watch theft prevention devices.

That plan, the Mossos point out in a statement, “allowed us to act quickly in the detection and arrest of the perpetrators of the acts, who repeatedly act in the city.” In total, between Friday May 20 and Sunday May 22, the police identified 53 people on these devices that, among all, accumulated 684 records.

The Court of Instruction has ordered the imprisonment of two of the detainees for robberies with violence of high-end watches. In addition, during the weekend arrests were also carried out for search and capture orders and proceedings were opened against four people for various crimes.

In the statement, the Mossos explain that they have unified central and territorial services to form joint work teams and address the preventive task in a globalized way of multi-criminal activity in Barcelona and thus “gain effectiveness”.

The City Council celebrates the reform of the Penal Code

The first deputy mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jaume Collboni, celebrated this Tuesday that the Congress “has proposed the modification of the Penal Code to toughen the penalties for multiple recidivismspecifically 18 months from three petty thefts”.

With this reform, he points out, a message is sent, “first of all, to crime, especially organized crime, that this feeling of impunity is over and, secondly, to the citizens, especially the restaurateurs and merchants, who had been asking for this toughening for a long time.

“The modification will avoid the fact that few criminals have caused a great feeling of insecurity”

Collboni has assured that since the Barcelona’s town hall have addressed this fact “before the ministries and before the parliamentary groups, asking that it be taken into account that in the city and surrounding municipalities the feeling of impunity had spread for petty theft.

Regarding the modification of the Penal Code, he has indicated that he is convinced that “will have an immediate effect only with your ad and it will be a very important contribution to avoid the fact that few criminals have caused a lot of insecurity”.

Actions of the Mossos

Among the arrests, the Mossos highlight the one that several agents from the Ciutat Vella police station carried out on Saturday in Barceloneta: three men tried to steal two watches -valued at 5,000 and 9,000 euros– two people leaving a nightlife venue. The Mossos saw the attempted robbery and arrested the three authors, aged between 28 and 31, before they could flee.

On the other hand, agents also from the Ciutat Vella police station arrested three people between the ages of 19 and 33 for trying to steal a watch valued at 42,000 euros during the afternoon of last Friday. The officers heard the victim’s screams as they attempted to steal his watch, but were unsuccessful. After a few minutes, the police located and arrested the three thieves, who had accumulated 16 arrests.

In another case also during the afternoon of Friday, non-uniformed agents observed how two people were in a vigilant attitude on the promenade of Lluís Companys. Suspecting that they wanted to commit a robbery, they followed them until they tried to steal a bag. At that time, the police intervened and arrested the two men, aged 22 and 19, and who had 10 criminal records between them.

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