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They capture the jump of a fin whale in Barcelona

They capture the jump of a fin whale in Barcelona

Did you know the second largest animal in the world frequent Spanish waters? The sailors of Mar a la Vista, a leisure project that travels around Catalonia by sailboat, have witnessed something unique this week: a humpback whale just 16 kilometers from the coast of Barcelona. so they have caught its spectacular jump a few meters from the boat.

The images taken by Julia Gostischa from the sailboat Sea in sight They are practically a miracle. These waters are well known to the crew, captained by Sergi R. Basoli, the founder of the association, but “this behavior is very difficult to observe,” they told El Tiempo Hoy.

They capture the jump of a fin whale in Barcelona

They capture the jump of a fin whale in BarcelonaJulia Gostischa / Sea in Sight

Three humpback whales off the coast of Barcelona

The snapshots of the great jump of this whale, a fin whale (the largest animal in the world after the blue whale), were obtained about 16 kilometers off the coast of Barcelona. “It was during a incredible encounter with three fin whales”and caught the entire ship’s crew by surprise, who are not used to this behavior.

While it’s common to see ocean humpbacks perform all sorts of stunts, fin whale jumps like this are much rarer, they say. With their 40 tons of weight, these whales jumping involves a significant expenditure of energyso they do it on very rare occasions… So being there to see it is something that happens once in a lifetime.

Why did he decide to jump right then? Did she want to show off for the sailboat sailors, perhaps? The Mar a la Vista team has several theories. The jump could help you remove dead skin and parasites from above, or be a behavior to impress potential partners sexual, for example… “We don’t know, but it has undoubtedly impressed us,” they say.

Photographer and marine biologist Julia Gostischa, aboard the sailboat

Photographer and marine biologist Julia Gostischa, aboard the sailboatSea in sight

Sustainable leisure and whale watching aboard a traditional sailboat

The sighting took place from the boat “O Ría de Ferrol”, a traditional boat from 1949. This sailboat is part of the Mar a la Vista project, which makes excursions from Barcelona to spot this unknown cetacean and raise awareness about its conservation, Basolí tells us. The fin whale is the second largest animal that has ever existed, and the largest in the Mediterranean.

Despite its immense size and having no natural predators, the fin whale, also called the fin whale, is currently in danger of extinction. The 20th century was dark for the species, since hunting was allowed and hundreds of thousands of specimens were annihilated.

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