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things to do in cancun Cancun dangerous city? Where to stay in Cancun, which neighborhoods to avoid

things to do in cancun  Cancun dangerous city?  Where to stay in Cancun, which neighborhoods to avoid

You project a Yucatan road trip or a dream vacation in the Riviera Maya and you wonder if Cancun is a dangerous city? When you look at Mexico’s crime rate (Los Cabos, Acapulco, Tulum), it is legitimate to ask the question about Cancun, especially if you are looking for where to stay in cancun.

The questions that I will develop below are the following:

  • What crime in Cancun?
  • Is Cancun a dangerous city?
  • Is Cancun also dangerous for tourists?
  • What neighborhoods to avoid in Cancun?
  • Where to stay in Cancun to be in a beautiful place but in a safe neighborhood?

Plus, you’ll find a map of Cancun’s neighborhoods to help you spot the neighborhoods to avoid and the best neighborhoods to stay.

Crime in Mexico

the Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. There were 95 homicides per day in 2019, the majority of which are linked to organized crime. And in 2020, despite the lockdown, Mexico broke crime records. See article by lapresse.ca or of tdg.ch.

This crime is unfortunately not limited to Mexico City. Indeed, as the article of the Diplomatic World of March 2020it affects 24 Mexican states out of 31!

So what about Cancun, which is in the state of Quintana Roo in the North East of the Peninsula of Yucatan ?

Is Cancun a dangerous city?

YES : Far from the postcard beaches, Cancun has a dark side that travel agencies never mention. Indeed, this world-famous seaside resort is also a city in Mexico where violence is increasing day by day. See the article on a shooting that happened recently on a beach in Cancun:

Mexico: 2 dead in a shooting on the beach of a luxury hotel

According to Numbeo rankingthe city of Cancun ranks 62nd of the 141 cities america’s most criminal (North and South combined).

With a crime index of 53.82Cancun would be more dangerous than Los Angeles, London, Panama City and even that Medellin in Colombia ! Even at ranking of the most criminal cities in central america, Cancun is positioned in 9th position. See below :

Cancun dangerous city?  Where to stay in Cancun, which neighborhoods to avoid in Cancun

“According to figures from the National Executive Secretariat of Public Security, Quintana Roo recorded 685 new investigations opened for intentional homicide in 2019, of which 53.6% murders in Cancun. Franco believed that the increase in violence in Cancun and in the state is multifactorial and that it is largely due to the increased circulation of firearms in the state and the increase in the consumption of alcohol and drugs. »

Article from infobae.com Paradise on fire: six murders were recorded in a single day in Cancun

Cancun dangerous city for tourists?

YES but not everywhere.

In April 2022, the United States government warns of the insecurity visitors face in the state of Quintana Roo including Cancun.

“Territory wars between gangs have resulted in violent crime in areas frequented by American citizens. Bystanders were injured or killed in shootings. Read thearticle from Reportur.com

Article ofInfobae.com explains that crimes take place even in broad daylight like these 3 men who were shot in broad daylight on the tourist site of Tulum! On playa Tortugas, 4 people were killed in broad daylight in early 2021. See also Cancun’s beaches are under crime control.

What insecurity in Cancun for tourists?

Tourists are rarely direct targets of assassination, but they can nevertheless be collateral victims account settlements. On the other hand, they are often victims of crimes such as:

  • Pickpocketing and snatching, sometimes at gunpoint;
  • Kidnappings to extort money (criminals force tourists to withdraw sums of money from ATMs);
  • Virtual kidnappings (criminals contact the family saying they have kidnapped a loved one to demand a ransom;
  • Racketeering during traffic checks;
  • Carjacking and roadblock robberies on uncrowded roads;
  • Sexual assaults on women traveling alone.

Apart from a few exceptional cases, insecurity in Cancun presents a great geographical disparity. Indeed, it is more concentrated in certain areas of the city. This is why it is better to know the neighborhoods to avoid in Cancun to choose to stay in a safe place.

Dangerous tourist areas?

the french government recommends particular vigilance in all tourist and seaside areas of Mexico. Indeed, they are repeatedly affected by petty crime and increasingly by elements of organized crime. Tourists even at tourist sites may face armed assaults, robberies and scams.

Should we continue to go to Cancun?

This is the question I asked myself when I discovered all these testimonies on the violence from which this city suffers. But we don’t hesitate to go to New York despite the Bronx Dangerous NeighborhoodsNope ?

As a result, it would be silly to deprive yourself of the splendor of the sites of Cancun and the Riviera Maya simply because of a few dangerous neighborhoods…

In exercising caution wherever you go and by choosing safe neighborhoods to stay in, there is no reason not to go to Cancun! It will suffice to follow the recommendations of the French government regarding security in Mexico.

Map of Cancun neighborhoods

Here is a map that allows you to locate the neighborhoods of Cancun which are organized into numbered “regiones”.

Neighborhoods to avoid in Cancun

Among the main areas of downtown cancúnit is necessary to avoid the districts located at the north of town.

Locate the numbered “regiones” more precisely from 200 to 300 which are the most dangerous in the city, notably :

  • Region 239
  • Region 247
  • The Region 248
  • Region 251
  • Region 259
  • Region 260

To this list must be added the areas 95 and 100 where violence is present and increasing.

Best neighborhood Cancun

It’s hard to name the best and most beautiful neighborhood in Cancun. In fact, neighborhoods have their own identity and characteristics that may be appreciated by some and may not be appreciated by others.

It’s all a matter of taste. But, I will tell you below the most popular areas of Cancun which of course are recommended for safe accommodation.

Safe neighborhoods to stay in Cancun?

The best place to stay in Cancun is outside the city center in the hotel zone: Zone Hotelera.

This seaside area, which some call the world capital of mass tourism, has more than 150 hotels, including the largest resorts and palaces in Cancun.

If you are looking for the most beautiful and you have the budget, go to Ritz-Carlton or all-inclusive on Hyatt Zilara Cancun.

Where to stay in Cancún?

If, like me, you are looking for a nice hotel, all inclusive and not too expensive, here is the hotel I recommend to stay:

  • in a safe place in Cancun,
  • on a dream beach with turquoise waters,
  • with excellent value for money,
  • in the comfort and facilities worthy of a 3-star hotel:
where to stay in cancun in a safe neighborhood

Nicest place to stay near Cancun?

Isla Mujeres is a very small island located 13 kilometers off the coast of Cancun. I recommend that you take an excursion there or choose your hotel there. Indeed, it is the ideal place to enjoy an idyllic setting with turquoise and crystalline waters and superb white sand beaches.

Cancun dangerous city and Isla mujeres

In addition, it is the ideal spot to go and observe whale sharks, especially in July and August.

I know a somewhat confidential place that you might like for its calm, its aesthetics, its low price and its dream location:

The Casa Alkimia Oceanfront is a beachfront guest house with swimming pool, private beach and magnificent terrace.

Which neighborhood to stay in Cancun

Safe excursions from Cancun

I usually organize my excursions myself, whether in Mexico, in Colombiato Panama or to Pered. And everything is going for the best.

But I understand those who are looking for the practical and safe side of organized excursions. If you are one of them, here is an outing from Cancun that I recommend: 2-Day Chichen Itza and Tulum Tour

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