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things to do in dallas texas a city with many assets and first steps in Texas

things to do in dallas texas a city with many assets and first steps in Texas

A friend having to leave soon for Texas, I wanted to tackle this leg of my world tour right now. In effect, if Dallas was ever on the top of my list of world TourI can tell you that I absolutely did not regret having added it to my journey. Where to stay, what to see, what are my good addresses? I tell you everything :).

Dallas practice

I traveled to Dallas after my incredible stop in Louisiana and Mississippi. My mom joined me during my 3 weeks in the United States. We spent 10 days in Texas, from Dallas to Fort worth, Austin, via San Antonio

How to get to Dallas?

From Nashville

So I flew to Dallas from Nashville. Indeed, if we did all our American journey by bus (cheap and at the top, I’ll tell you about it), the excessive distance and the lack of time convinced us to take the plane. There are flights very often (every 40 minutes).

By plane : We found a ticket at 152 euros and it lasts 2 hours

By bus : Count 100 euros on average and 3:20 p.m.!

How to reach the city center from the airport?

You have several options:

  • You can take the Orange Line DART rail from Terminal A to Downtown Dallas. If you disembark at another terminal, you can reach Terminal A by taking the Skylink train or the shuttle, which are free for people with a valid plane ticket.
  • Otherwise you can take two free shuttles: the first takes you to the remote south station and from there, the second to the Trinity Railways Express or DART bus 408 because not all trains are in service on Sundays.

Anyway you’ll see it’s super simple, the only thing is to get a map of the DART (bus and train network) and you can go almost anywhere 😉

How long to stay in Dallas?

We stayed for three days and it was perfect. The sun was beating down really hard and the temperatures were close to 40 degrees, but that didn’t stop us from walking 20 kilometers a day!!

How to get around Dallas?

We traveled a lot on foot, but an important network of buses and trams, the DART, allows you to get around very easily everywhere.

The main things to know to get around Dallas:

  • to be quiet and take the bus and tram as many times as you want, I advise you to take a $5 day pass at an automaton (provide cash because the French card does not pass). A half-day pass valid from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. is also available for $2.5.
  • A free and frequent tram (every 20 minutes) goes downtown from the Bishop Art district and back in 20 minutes, from 5:30 a.m. to midnight! To take it you have to go all the way to Bishop Art (see the map below) and it will take you to Union Station. Super practical because honestly we did it once on foot, it’s endless ^^.

In which neighborhood to stay?

The two coolest neighborhoods in my opinion are Deep Ellum and Bishop Art.

However my favorite neighborhood was definitely Deep Ellum!! This is where you’ll find all the good music, the second-hand clothes, the beautiful street art, and the atmosphere! All with a less “clean” side than at Bishop Art. Indeed Bishop art is super cute with lots of nice shops (not cheap) and classy restaurants, but quite quiet when we were there. I feel like it’s a new and quite family-friendly neighborhood, whereas Deep Ellum is younger.

Our accommodation in Dallas

For my part, I chose to stay on the edge of Bishop Art for price reasons.. A bus allowed us to quickly reach the center of Bishop art (and therefore the tram for downtown) but we most often chose to walk. Two large supermarkets are located nearby to eat cheap with a guaranteed Mexican atmosphere, it made me too happy haha.

The location is probably not the must, but the interior is top. Roommates live in the other bedrooms and there are two absolutely adorable dogs that complete the family. And then I have a fond memory of the huge bed, with a duvet that wraps you as if you were sinking into a cloud :).

Airbnb : 612 West 12th Street, Dallas, Texas 75208, USA

Remark : Apart from New Orleans, we have always slept in Airbnb simply because in the USA, it is the most economical solution. In addition, the quality of accommodation and services is crazy!

What to do in Dallas?

Between quality museums, parks and lively neighborhoods, there is no shortage of things to do in Dallas.

Neighborhoods to explore on foot

Despite the sweltering heat, we really enjoyed walking. It’s easy and pleasant in a given neighborhood. On the other hand, if you want to change neighborhoods, the day pass will be your best friend.

Bishop Art

The district of adorable (and overpriced) little shops, neat street art, coffee shops and somewhat expensive restaurants. It’s a very cute area and seemed rather family-friendly to me when we were there.


You cannot miss the city center, if only for its museums (see below).

While strolling you will be able to come across the famous sculpture “The giant Eyeball” (strange ^^). Then go to theat Pioneer Plaza where you can see the impressive sculpture of the pioneer. The largest bronze sculpture in the worldOh yes.

Between the huge buildings you will also come across some cute squares. And if you need a break, go to West End. It is a very nice pedestrian street where you will find bars and restaurants, and the only place with beautiful terraces. Finally you can take a trip to the Klyde park, very family-friendly. You will find food trucks, entertainment for children and sometimes concerts.. To know all the animations, appointment here.

Finally go to farmer’s market, not cheap but nice to see. It is located at 920 S Harwood

Deep Ellum

Definitely my favorite neighborhood!! If only for its street art. During your walk you will come across lots of superb frescoes and also the cool sculptures of the “Traveling man” with his cute little BN head. There are three in all, it’s up to you to find them.

Deep ellum is especially cool to discover at the end of the day, when the bars with concerts come alive. And there’s no shortage of good places to have fun and listen to good music (I’ll give you two of them below). It felt like we were back in New Orleans. It’s a neighborhood that moves and a side more “in its own juice” than Bishop art. You will also discover thrift stores and brasseries. In short, not to be missed!

south dallas

If you go to this area it is mainly to visit the Texas State Fairgrounds, Fair Park. A huge park which now houses museums, performance halls… Most of the buildings were built for the Texas Centennial Exposition in 1936. It’s quite funny to see this retro-Greco-Roman style! However when we were there it was pretty dead, and we were a bit disappointed.

Events to not miss

In July there was no shortage of free outdoor concerts and events. Do not hesitate to inquire about theupcoming events to experience Texas life like a true local. (If anyone knows what a Dallas resident is called, let them know ^^).

Note that if you go there in April, you can attend the Deep Ellum Arts Festival ! I would have liked ;-).


The 6th Floor Museum

Dallas is full of quality museums. For our part, we opted for the Kennedy Museum, which is located in the old book depository from which Oswal allegedly fired on the President.t. The museum is iinteresting to understand this major event in the history of the United States. In addition, it raises many questions, and in the end, we leave with fewer answers than when entering. However I was a bit disappointed by the scenography, not very playful and complicated. We go from panel to panel to read all the texts. I read panels in the wrong order, I skipped some, a real drag. It’s really dense, and at the end of the 30th panel, I was reading diaginal^^.

It must be said that we had visited the Memphis Civil Rights Museum a few days earlier, which is simply breathtaking (too quick to tell you about it).

On the other hand, I really appreciated the temporary exhibition which was devoted to the link between Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. I learned a lot of things!!

Schedule : Monday: Noon – 6 p.m. & Tuesday to Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Price : $16 adult/$14 seniors/$13 children

Address : 6th floor museum 411 Elm Street Dallas, TX 75202


We had time to kill, so we thought why not? (ba yes, we said VO ^^). I had heard a lot of good things about this museum dedicated to nature and science. It’s expensive but super cool, very fun. There are plenty of machines, especially to test the human body. You will also see impressive dinosaur skeletons.

It’s huge and well done. However the grooooos downside is that it is a perfect museum for kids. And when we were there, the children’s classes had invaded places. They were unbearable and squatting all the funny machines haha.

Perot-Museum : 2201 N Field St, Dallas, TX 75201

Schedule : 10am-5pm

Price : $20 adult/$18 senior/$13 children

dallas museum of arts

The Dallas museum of arts, a reference in the world which has no less than 24,000 works. However, we have not tested it for a matter of time.

Schedule : Closed on Monday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Thursday, closing at 9 p.m.

Price : free ! Only special exhibitions are charged at $16.

AMD: 1717 N Harwood Street

My good addresses in Dallas

My favorite restaurants in Dallas


We booked this classy restaurant for my mum’s birthday. The service is top notch and the plate is original and fine, we enjoyed ourselves. I was less of a fan of the somewhat cold atmosphere due to the very refined decor.

We ate green tomato fritters, toast au gratin with cheese, green onions with tomato chutney (killer), pecan-crusted catfish and a kind of fried sweet potato puff pastry for dessert with coconut ice cream. We got away with it for $110 for 2 with two appetizers and two glasses of wine.

hatties : 418 N Bishop Ave

Freeman Cajun

A place where you feel great. Awesome gigs are played regularly (see below) and it feels like home. Here it’s Cajun cuisine: jambalaya, po boy, catfish…I love it!

We ate very well there, including the best grilled catfish of the stay. As an accompaniment: sweet potato fries, rice, and corn bread. yes it is still very light. All for $12 and very well served.

Cajun Freeman : 2626 Trade St. Dallas

Where to listen to good music in Dallas

Meet at Deep Ellum for jazz and blues like in Mississippi or Louisiana!

Cajun Freeman

Him again !! As I told you there are free concerts very often and of high quality. When we were there, a soul singer and her band covered Lauryn Hill, Al Green, John Legend, it was too good!! It lasted from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and they gave it their all.

And just for you, a collector video to show you the atmosphere ^^. This guy is my hero

Louie louie’s piano bar

Untested but an institution. Apparently the musical styles are eclectic but you are sure to find a boosted atmosphere and laugh.

Louie louie’s piano bar : 2605 Elm St.

These few days in Dallas are coming to an end. A very good surprise, because I must say that I went there a bit by default at the beginning. We will then leave in the direction of Austiiiiin 😀

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