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things to do in dallas texas Can the Mavericks join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?

things to do in dallas texas Can the Mavericks join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?

You could not miss the bombshell that fell on the NBA on June 30, a few hours before the opening of the Free Agency. Kevin Durant asked his franchise, the Brooklyn Nets, for his trade. But now the more important question is: where could it go? And how to carry out such a historic transfer? Right away, zoom in on the Dallas Mavericks and their possibilities to get KD back.

Friday June 30, 2022, 8:49 p.m. French time, the explosion falls.

Kevin Durant wants to leave Brooklyn, time is running out and Coco wants to win more rings. After the time of the exploding thermometer, the entire TrashTalk editorial team has therefore asked themselves THE question that torments us all… but where the hell will KD pursue his career? To do this, and because we like to push the delirium as far as possible, we have collectively decided to look at all the NBA franchises. Yes yes, all the franchises: 29 detailed articles, with a quick overview of what could happen.

Make way for Luka Doncic’s Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks situation

mavs salaires things to do in dallas texas Can the Mavericks join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?

# Why would the Mavericks go for KD?

Conference finalists this season, the Mavericks are moving up the Western hierarchy under the leadership of their genius Luka Doncic. But to hope to take control one day and above all to resist the competition which promises to be quite hardcore in the Wild Wild West next year, Luka needs more support. Imagine for two seconds a guy of the caliber of Kevin Durant playing alongside Luka Magic. A purist’s dream.

# Which players are unavailable?

Of course, don’t touch Luka. He is the present and the future of the franchise, as well as a generational talent as we rarely see. And then anyway, he is part of this category of players who cannot be transferred to Brooklyn because of the presence of Ben Simmons, under a designated rookie extension like Luka and picked up by the Nets as part of a trade. Indeed, a franchise cannot have two players of this type in its workforce if they were both recruited through a transfer.

# Which Mavericks players could catch the Nets’ attention?

  • A Dirk Nowitzki who is 20 years younger

Unfortunately, Dirk is 44 today and not 24, so it might be a bit complicated. Looking through the Mavs roster, it’s hard to see who might catch the eye of Nets general manager Sean Marks. Dorian Finney-Smith? Come on, but just because you have to come up with a name. If we like his 3&D side and the great progress shown in recent years, Marks certainly does not think of DFS when he imagines getting a young player with All-Star potential against Kevin Durant, especially since Finney-Smith has “already” 29 years. If not, Josh Green? Jaden Hardy? Please.

# Do they have Draft picks to offer them?

You understood, the Mavs do not have much to offer in their current workforce. So they have to dip into their draft capital. FYI, Dallas must give the Knicks a first-round pick over the next three years (2023-2025 protections), but otherwise has all of its first-round picks through 2029.

Nets salary grid

nets salaires things to do in dallas texas Can the Mavericks join in the hunt for Kevin Durant?

The ideal Mavericks package :

  • Dorian Finney-Smith
  • Reggie Bullock
  • Spencer Dinwiddie
  • Jaden Hardy and/or Josh Green
  • 2 first-round picks, 1 swap pick, 1 second-round pick

Feasibility score: 1/10

Kevin Durant on the Dallas side? In fact, nothing is impossible and as a famous philosopher from Hérault said: it is by doing anything that you become anyone. To acquire KD, the Mavericks know in any case what they have to do. So, is it tempting or not?

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