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things to do in dallas texas Class in Dallas – Travel blog USA

things to do in dallas texas Class in Dallas – Travel blog USA

Dallas, an unsolved assassination

Start by taking in the view by driving through the streets of the city center. The glass skyscrapers on which the sun reflects will dazzle you and make you dizzy. Direction Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum. This is where the room from which Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 is located. The entire sixth floor of this former book warehouse has been transformed into an exciting museum. From room to room, we go through the contemporary history of United States. The museum also houses a meticulous reconstruction of the assassination of President Kennedy and confronts all the theories related to the unsolved case. Mafia, CIA, Cubans, whatever the culprit, the experience makes everyone want to become a detective.

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The historic district and its botanical garden

A few steps from the Sixth Floor Museum and the cubic Memorial dedicated to the President, unfolds the historic district. This is where you can enjoy a good steak in one of the warehouses converted into a restaurant. Then it’s time to take a breath of fresh air. To go from this ultra-urban landscape to a haven of flowers and plants, head to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Entrance to the garden – 27 hectares of greenery and a lake – is free. So you can stroll peacefully among a plethora of plant species and explore different types of gardens, all with an overview of the Dallas skyline.

Fort Worth Stockyards

Dallas is also cowboys, horses and cattle! To find this far west atmosphere, go to the Stockyards of fort worth, the city that adjoins Dallas on the west side. It is the historical center of the city, “where the west begins!” “. You can attend a rodeo. There are some every Friday and Saturday evening, or even every day, at 11:30 a.m. and then 4 p.m. Do not hesitate either to admire the parade of the herds of the famous long horns.At the Star Café, you can enjoy T-bones or excellent burgers and there is no shortage of bars to get drunk or dance Texas style. Dive in particular at the Basement Bar, one of these bars in the basements, aptly called DiveBar!

blog-usa-dallas-texas-fort worth-paris-stockyards-long horns-cowboy- kennedy-jfk-arboretum-historic district

Southfork Ranch and its ruthless universe

How to go to Dallas without visiting the legendary Ewing ranch, Southfork? It is indeed on its lands that one of the most watched TV series in the whole world was born in 1978. Today, Southfork offers guided tours, horse riding days and even offers the possibility of renting the place for parties, events and even weddings! Southfork immediately plunges visitors back into the world of Ewing. The imposing gate, the long driveway, the majestic residence and its shimmering swimming pool are all reminiscences of the series. And even though the interior scenes were shot at Hollywood, there are some nuggets in the ranch. For example, the gun that shot JR or Lucy’s wedding dress. We almost imagine negotiating an oil well with the terrible JR or toasting with Sue Ellen and a glass of bourbon.

Paris, Texas

Recover from your ruthless experience by taking the road to Paris a good hour drive northeast of Dallas. And yes, Texas also has its Paris. The city was also revealed in 1984 in the masterpiece of German director Wim Wenders. However, no reference to the film in the streets of Paris in Texas. The city was indeed only the myth of an ideal life for the hero of the film. It only appeared in the form of a photo of a piece of land. But there is much more to see in Paris, Texas. The small provincial town has some 20,000 inhabitants and immerses its visitor in deep America. Its streets, which intersect at right angles, are lined with red brick buildings dating from the end of the 19e century. They neighbor with outdated shops, including a nice flea market and a very nice bar-pub, the Time Flies… You will appreciate the sense of humor of Parisian Texans when you discover an Eiffel Tower adorned with a cowboy hat and public transport bus stops that bear the name of Paris Metro!

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