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things to do in dallas texas Dallas and Surroundings Tour | Forum: United States

things to do in dallas texas  Dallas and Surroundings Tour |  Forum: United States

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To live Austin for 4 months I will allow myself to give some opinions if I can allow myself :).dallas?
=> I did not go there, but a certain number of French friends fromAustin have had the opportunity. result: arch bof. but it should not be surprising with the Texas. the texans exaggerate bcp :))). It may be best to let the friend you have on site guide you who must know the “good deals” and not the “tourist”! or simply to open a travel guide, if not to watch the report mentioned above. but hey in absolutely two days you will probably have seen everything
=> on the other hand Forth Worth I heard only good things about it :))). lots of charm, opposite of dallas. count 2 days.Austin?
lots of people on this forum say good things about it, I still wonder pkoi. what’s there to see: live music bands, yes okay, but that’s all! the capitol (+gd than that of Washington) and surtt, the main attraction is the reason why I am here: the Univeristy of Texas did Austin with a beautiful typical Rican campus and typical Texan students from typical home :)))))). the sympathy of people who are always open and ready to help everyone: p. lake travis, a good artificial lake
=> dc if you cross the Texas, Austin worth it, one night to have the atmosphere of 6th street (the street with all the pubs bars concerts etc). it is better to be there on a Thursday or Saturday, these are the best atmospheres.Houston? to summarize: a port, a city center at the New York where there is no one because it is too hot, and suburbs. is it worth the detour? except for its culinary qualities and for the nasa center and the beaches of Galveston I will say no. No charm at all. now if you are passionate about nasa, yes you have to go there :))))).Other cities to see: Fredericksburg at 1h30 fromAustin is really symmatic, little cowboy town..german :)))). count 1 a.m. ideally in WE. San Antonio at 1 hour fromAustin to the south, is charming. Count 1 day at the enchanted spring ranch (www.enchantedspringsranch.com/things to do in dallas texas Dallas and Surroundings Tour | Forum: United States) is worth the detour it is really magnificent and we see the Longhorns (local cows) in the north of san antonio (Between fredericksburg and san antonio). San Marcos is one of the largest outlets in the world, 40 minutes fromAustin Between Austin and san antonio. lots of good deals if you like shopping. Corpus Christi only worth it if you want to see a WWII aircraft carrier (USS Lexington). We loved it, but we only went there for the aircraft carrier. After there is padre island which is magnificent and we see giant turtles there. Voili voilou. you will obviously need a car, nothing is done without a car in the country of the cowboy. The Texas roads are in good condition and the landscape rather not bad. Especially if you went to the north of Texas. you have enough to make a beautiful roadtrip and largely the tps in 2 weeks! I have just mentioned all the cities in southern Texas because I only know that, after there are other possible destinations:
1. big bend national park, to camp…if you are a camper:pp. but plan a lot of road
2. north of dallas there are very good parks and canyons to visit. (googled state park and national parks Texas…)
3. pkoi did not go so far Louisiana or south of New Mexico, then count 4/5 days. Concerning plane tickets, there is never “cheaper”, it always depends on the dates. I always use govoyages.com for my reservations to the US and intra US but it’s a choice like any other. You have a choice now and above all time to organize yourself well :)). or let you go on the spot according to your desires.Sally

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