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things to do in dallas texas Travel to Texas: our 3 favorite destinations

things to do in dallas texas Travel to Texas: our 3 favorite destinations

Do you want to discover typical American landscapes and enjoy a culture rich in history? Texas is an emblematic state of the United States that will offer you a guaranteed change of scenery. You will appreciate its vast spaces, its unmissable cities with their restaurants and their lively streets. Discover through this article our 3 favorite destinations in Texas to visit urgently.

The city of Houston, the cosmopolitan

Nicknamed the Cowboy State, Texas is a vast state made up of deserts, mountainous regions and vast prairies. However, you will love visiting the city of Houston, known for hosting Space Center Houston, NASA’s space center. The latter is open to the public and is one of the first notable attractions of this particularly cosmopolitan city. Before leaving Houston, don’t forget to visit the “Houston Museum of Natural Science”. This visit will allow you to retrace the history of this city, before having dinner in one of the chic restaurants of the old town, which will amaze you with its typical 19th century architecture.

Dallas, the must-see

Located in the northern part of the state, the city of Dallas is made up of shopping centers, but also historical museums that will allow you to better understand its history. You can visit the Fair Park, the Dallas Botanical Garden for lovers of floral species or discover the Dallas Art Museum, the Biblical Art Museum or the Dealey Plaza, all emblematic of this city “made in the USA. ! More than anywhere else, in Dallas you can really feel the soul of bicentennial America, which has inspired so many westerns in the cinema!

Austin, the capital of Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas and has several infrastructures that make it a particularly popular center of attraction. As French, you will not be out of place thanks to the presence of great gourmet restaurants, which make the reputation of the city. In terms of entertainment, do not hesitate to stroll through the old town and vibrate to the rhythm of traditional music such as country, blues or even rock, so dear to Elvis Presley.

Organize your departure from France

Before you take off for this dream state, you must bring important documents. Know that for some time now, it is no longer necessary to obtain a classic visa before making your trip to the USA. Just fill in your ESTA form to satisfy the formality that will allow you to travel on American soil. This procedure will allow you to move freely on American territory for 90 days, and remains valid for a period of 2 years.

Also remember to make your hotel reservations in advance! Texas is a tourist state, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead to get the best rates for your hotel. Once there, we recommend renting a vehicle to take advantage of these wide open spaces. Here again, it can be useful to anticipate by making your reservations several weeks in advance, in order to take full advantage of your trip to Texas!

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