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things to do in dallas texas Villes.co – Dallas (USA – Texas – Dallas)

things to do in dallas texas Villes.co – Dallas (USA – Texas – Dallas)

Points or points of interest

gigantic buildings

You will notice when arriving in Dallas that a large number of impressive skyscrapers tower over the city. Among the tallest, there is the Bank America Plaza which rises to 281 meters as well as the Renaissance Tower which rises to 270 meters. If you have never seen skyscrapers, you will be able to contemplate these impressive buildings which give an eerie feeling. We feel a little dominated by these buildings and we almost wonder how to build such buildings is possible. You will quickly get used to the sight of these giants and after a few hours spent in the city you will hardly notice that gigantic buildings look down on you. If you like architecture, you should visit the West End district. Within it, you will find several buildings dating from the 19th century. You will be able to stroll around while enjoying buildings with charming architecture, most of which have been converted into art galleries and museums. If you go to Dallas and you love history and architecture, don’t forget to take a trip to the West End because this area is for you.

A rich and dynamic cultural life

The Deep Ellum district is also a particularly pleasant district to visit. In addition, it contains the Lakewood Theater, which is a must-see place in Dallas that, throughout the year, enjoys a rich and complete program of theater, concerts and other festivals. You should therefore go there for at least one evening to discover this unique place which will offer you shows of undeniable quality. You will inevitably find something to satisfy your desires given the constantly renewed agenda. The Lakewood theater offers itself to you and do not hesitate to take advantage of it for an evening, you will not regret it.

You will also see very quickly that the cultural offer in Dallas is plethoric. Many museums, art galleries and concert halls are present on site for the greatest pleasure of all, from children to adults. Back in West End, you should visit the Sixth Floor Museum, a museum dedicated to John F. Kennedy. In the building in which the killer fired, you will be able to discover in these 835 m² of exhibition the life of a man who changed history. The exhibition is complete and fascinating. The atmosphere is a little strange and we feel the importance of this man. Video excerpts, photos, texts, all of this comes together to give you a complete account of Kennedy’s life. When you come out, you will feel grown up and delighted to know more about a subject that is sometimes discussed in a confusing way. There is no shortage of museums in Dallas and the Sixth Floor Museum is not the only one that will allow you to learn many exciting things.

The number of museums is so huge that it will be difficult to cover them all. Nevertheless, some are more worth seeing than others and, if you are a bit culturally sensitive, you absolutely must visit them. The Dallas Museum of Art, for example, is an absolutely awe-inspiring place. Its collection of amulets and jewelry dating from prehistoric times is impressive. In addition to these collections of prehistoric objects, the museum contains many works of art dating from Spanish and English colonization. Part of the exhibition is also devoted to European painting. We will find with pleasure paintings by Manet, Van Gogh or Picasso. The exhibition is incredibly rich and you will have a long time if you want to see everything. It is difficult to look away from the paintings and not stay for hours in front of the same dazzling painting. Once out, you will still be spoiled for choice in terms of museums.

You should also definitely see the Pioneer Plaza. This 1.6 hectare park is home to the largest bronze monument in the world! Entitled Cattle Drive, the work shows a herd of 40 cows led by cowboys from Texas. Impressive and gigantic, this monument will not fail to impress you. You can walk among these bronze cows and closely observe these statues with remarkable details.

Relaxing green spaces

Once you’ve seen museums and buildings, you should go and enjoy one of the many green spaces that count Dallas. In one of these green spaces, you will find the Dallas Zoo. On more than 35 hectares, you will see more than 2000 different species. The zoo’s collection continues to grow and new species are discovered every year. Animals from all over the world evolve in spaces that range from the forest to the mountains. A day will be necessary to fully visit the zoo and discover all that it conceals. A building dedicated to reptiles houses the Tuatara, an extremely rare lizard which is one of the last direct descendants of the dinosaurs. The zoo is full of fascinating species. Giraffes, rhinos, koalas, kangaroos, it’s all there. If you are with your family, you will undoubtedly have a great day in the company of wildlife that you do not necessarily encounter on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to go to the Fort Worth zoo and take advantage of its plethoric offer without equal. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most renowned zoos in the United States.

A gastronomic life full of flavors

Gastronomy is far from being neglected in Dallas. It is the American megalopolis that has the most restaurants per person. You will therefore have no trouble finding something to calm your stomach. From international cuisine to American cuisine, you will have a wide choice of dishes, whatever the size of your purse. Perry’s Steakhouse restaurant, for example, offers only healthy dishes. Grilled fish, fresh vegetables and exotic desserts jostle on the menu to offer you exquisite flavors. If you like French cuisine, then The French Room is the restaurant for you. It offers the best of gastronomy from one of the best cuisines in the world. Several restaurants also host live music in the evenings so you can enjoy your menu while listening to great music. As you will have understood, the culinary offer in Dallas is more than substantial and will allow you to appreciate your stay in this city even more.

Interesting businesses

You can also go shopping in Dallas, the city has a large number of varied shops that offer rather interesting products. There again, everything is there, from the clothing store to the most banal souvenir shop. Your wallet may empty at the speed of light. Whether you like small shops or large shopping centers, you will inevitably find shops that will suit your consumer desires. The city center concentrates most of these stores, so you should go there if you want to shop and bring back souvenirs from this fantastic trip.

Fabulous parties

Finally, you can enjoy the more than lively nightlife of Dallas. A very large number of bars and nightclubs are present to allow you to party as it should. The Purgatory of Dallas, for example, is a huge club that every clubber must visit. On more than five floors with an area of ​​3500 square meters and a space only dedicated to women. This place is perfect for spending the night. You will understand, Dallas is a destination to do and you will not regret the trip.

Editor: Anne Chabot

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