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things to do in orlando Top 10 activities for a successful trip!

The brand sea ​​world was created in 1964 and became famous through her killer whale shows. It exists 3 parks in the United States : one to San Diegoone to San Antonio and one to Orlando. On site, you can of course see killer whales, but also dolphins, penguins, seals or large aquariums. Of the attractions are also present in the park, with several roller coasters quality. the attraction Manta, where you are attached to an inclined seat with your face towards the ground, is really great for the sensations! The park can be visited in a little less than a dayand we spend a good moment of relaxation.

What is the problem with this park? To put it simply: the presence ofkiller whales in the basins. The captivity of animals is always questionablewith very bad sides (the main thing being the deprivation of real freedom for the animals) but also good (animal safety, preservation of species, awareness of the general public on the animal cause, etc.). Rather than firmly opposing any zoo or water park, we believe we should take an interest in different stitches. The reduction of natural territories being real, zoos / aquariums must recreate the best possible spaces to ensure the animal welfare. Living conditions must be optimized, with big spaces and one suitable climate to the species present. It should also be remembered that some animals live in their natural state on a very small territory, with activities mainly revolving around meals and rest. Under these conditions, the protected space of a zoo / aquarium, with guaranteed food, may be suitable for their fulfillment. Births can take place and individuals can multiply. It is only under these conditions that animal parks can play a role in the species preservation.

In the case of killer whales, the reality is quite different. These animals live in the ocean, and sometimes travel more than 150 km per day ! They need space! Moreover, these are intelligent animals and certain studies tend to prove that they are aware of their captivity. This can therefore have a real impact on their moral and their welfare.

So why talk about sea ​​world and insert it into this TOP 10 Orlando ? The subject is complex… Firstly, because it is theone of Orlando’s major parks. Not mentioning it would be illogical and would not solve the problem. Second, because many people don’t have unaware of this problem. We therefore believe that it should be mentioned. Finally, because the situation is changing these last years.

Since March 2016Seaworld is committed not to no longer breed orcas in captivity. Knowing that the company does not carry out no capture of wild orcas for over 40 years, a major change is looming since in a few years, there will be no killer whales at all in Seaworld parks! Regarding the killer whales still present in the park, the park management does not want to release them, indicating that their chances of survival in the wild would be almost nil. Current orcas were indeed born in captivity and have always lived that way. The return to the wild state then appears very difficult in these conditions.

The reason for this change is undoubtedly commercial (public opinion is increasingly opposed to the captivity of killer whales)… But whatever the reasons, the effort is still to be welcomed! It totally redraws brand image. A few years ago, people went to Seaworld just to see orcas. From now on, Seaworld must reinvent itself to come up with something else, and we think (and hope) they’re on the right track.

The Seaworld group has thus promised to pay $50 million over 5 years for the rescue of marine animals and for the preservation of marine species. Even the PETA group (international association dedicated to the protection of animals) welcomed this decision. Moreover, the “classic” shows highlighting killer whales are gradually being replaced by ” educational shows “. These shows aim to inform the public about the behavior of killer whales and the importance of protecting them. Finally, the novelties of the park are always built on the theme of the marine world, but unrelated to orcs. For example, the last addition is the attraction ” Mako inspired by the shark of the same name. It’s about the longest, biggest and fastest roller coasters in all of Orlando !

Should we, despite these changes, wish the seaworld fall ? We don’t think so, because the stake is greater than that of the 3 American parks. Unfortunately, parks featuring killer whales are multiplying in other countries, particularly in Chinain India and at Middle East. If Seaworld is deserted by visitors, even as the park begins its transformation into a space WITHOUT killer whalesthen foreign parks will want to keep killer whales at all costs to ensure their success!

On the contrary, we believe that if Seaworld can become more attractive as the orcas are no longer exploited there, this will turn into a victory for everyone. We are not advocating for Seaworld, but would like to present our point of view on this delicate subject. Seaworld is a awesome amusement parkwho committed a huge mistake for many yearsbut who is now fixing it.

Finally, a last word on the killer whales. They are absolutely animals beautiful, and seeing them in person is very impressive. This only reinforced an idea that had been floating around in our heads for a long time: see them in the open ocean, in their natural environment. We thus had the chance to observe about ten of them off Vancouverand it was an absolutely sight unforgettable !

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