things to do in orlando What to do in Orlando, Florida OUTSIDE amusement parks?

What to do in Orlando, Florida OUTSIDE amusement parks?

things to do in orlando What to do in Orlando,

It is true that Orlando Florida amusement parks make up 70% of the city’s activities, but Orlando has plenty more to offer.

If you’re not a fan of amusement parks, there are plenty of things to do in Orlando!

Discover the activities not to be missed, excluding amusement parks, in Orlando in Florida.

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International Drive and its restaurants and activities

International Drive and a road that crosses part of Orlando in the so-called “touristy” area of ​​the city. It is split into two parts: the tourist part with restaurants, play areas, activities, mini-golf etc…

And then, the southern part with the convention center and major hotels in the area such as Hilton, Hyatt and others.

International Drive is full of activities that are worth the detour!

Welcome to International Drive!

The unusual WonderWorks

wonderworks is a kind of museum of discoveries. Located on International Drive in a flipped house, this place catches the eye you can’t miss it!

Inside you have the opportunity to discover how the elements work during a storm or natural disasterdiscover more about the human body, space and many other things!

WonderWorks’ entry is “stunning”

It’s a museum unusual discoveries of the modern world.

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Madame Tussaud Orlando

Orlando is a city in full expansion, both from an economic, demographic and tourist point of view.

Between 2014 and 2016, a package of new restaurants and activities have emerged such as the Orlando Eye and the new wax museum of Miss Tussaud.

the Madame Tussaud of Orlando is to be seen and done with its local specificities (like Mr. Walt Disney) and other characters… I’m not going to say too much so as not to spoil the surprise.

Meet the creator of Mickey Mouse

The Titanic exhibition

International Drive has also for years hosted a permanent exhibition dedicated to the sinking of the famous Titanic.

Step back in time and experience the departure of the legendary ocean liner until the tragic moment when it hits an iceberg and dark in the atlantic leaving behind thousands of dead and a story that will span the ages.

A propeller that belonged to the Titanic

Ripleys Believe It Or Not!

How to present this place without saying that you find everything and anything there…. I can’t, and that doesn’t detract from the charm of the place! The museum is in a red leaning house. (not to be confused with the returned WonderWorks building)

There are world records, fun and unusual activities, galleries, incredible objects etc….

Meet the Lizard Man!

The Orlando Eye and Sea Life

In the Madame Tussaud area is the Orlando Eye and the new Sea Life aquarium.

The Orlando Eye was built on the basis of the London Eye in London.

And even if this Ferris wheel is nice to see, you won’t really see much once on board.

The Orlando Eye changes colors for certain occasions throughout the year.

Indeed Orlando is a city that extends in width and not in height.

You will therefore have the impression of not seeing anything once at the top, night or day.

The Sea Life Aquarium on the other hand and an activity to do.

Sea Life introduces you to many marine species and gives you the opportunity to meet some of them more closely and discover the work of the keepers.

This “VIP” tour must be paid in addition to the entrance ticket, but for having done so, I recommend it.

Learn about marine life at Sea Life Orlando

Peaceful retreats in nature and swimming with manatees

If you are looking peace away from tourist areas very lively, and if you like nature and clear waters, the springs are the place to go!

Florida has many national parks. Everglades Park is part of. But did you know that there are great parks and springs in Orlando?

Walk around Wekiwa Springs State Park

This natural park is located in Apoka, 45 minutes from Orlando. Remember that Orlando is a very large city and you can 2 hours by car between its eastern and western end!

The park offers a camping site, a bird observatory, places for fishing, hiking, scuba diving with snorkel called “snorkeling” of picnics etc….

It is a perfect place for nature lovers and outdoor activities.

Peaceful retreat on the water

Swim with manatees in Orlando

For nature and animal lovers, you have the opportunity to swim alongside manatees in a few national parks in Orlando.

The coolest place in Orlando is Crystal Riveror you can approach these animals in their natural habitat!

In addition to swim between manatees, you will love the environment of Crystal River which is breathtaking. A true immersion in Florida’s nature and the clear waters of its natural springs.

approach the manatees!

Vacationing in Florida in Orlando

As you will have understood, the city of Orlando offers many activities for everyone! For the fans sports stays, amusement parks, gourmets and nature lovers.

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