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This is how it has become more expensive to travel by car from Madrid to Barcelona in the last five years

This is how it has become more expensive to travel by car from Madrid to Barcelona in the last five years

The price of a liter of gasoline and diesel exceeds, on average, two euros, leaving almost no effect the bonus of 20 cents per liter approved by the Government last April. Just before its approval, in the first week of April, the price of gasoline in Spain was around 1.81 euros per liter, according to data from the European Union Petroleum Bulletin; for its part, the liter of diesel cost 1.84 euros per liter. Therefore, the effect of the measure has already been almost buried.

These prices are far from those we lived not too many years ago. In 2010, for example, we started that year at 1.05 and 0.95 euros per liter, respectively. or in 2003we were able to buy gasoline at 0.78 euros per liter and diesel at 0.68 euros.

Not so far back in time just five years ago, a liter of gasoline cost 1.20 euros, while the same volume of diesel was worth 1.10 euros. With this perspective, from the comparator of vehicle offers car wow have calculated the economic difference what would it mean to do a trip from Madrid to Barcelona in those days versus what it would cost today.

“To carry out this itinerary, we are going to assume that we use two medium-sized passenger cars. The first has a diesel engine and the second has a gasoline engine. They consume 5.5 l/100 km and 7.5 l/100 km on average, respectively” details the article. In addition, he recalls that both cities are linked through the A-2 motorway at a distance of 600 kilometers.

Travel in June 2022

By applying a simple mathematical calculation (distance traveled by the average consumption at 100 kilometers and by the price of fuel), it is possible to estimate how much money that trip would cost with the vehicles described above:

diesel car: 600 km x 5.5 l/100 km x €1.95/l = €64.35

gasoline car: 600 km x 7.5 l/100 km x €2.05/l = €92.25

Travel in March 2017

If the same account is applied, with the same consumption and the same distance, but with the prices of that time, the results vary considerably:

diesel car: 600 km x 5.5 l/100 km x €1.10/l = €36.30

gasoline car: 600 km x 7.5 l/100km x 1.20 euros/l = 54.00 euros

The figures obtained show that making this journey with a gasoline vehicle it has become more expensive 38.25 euros (54 euros in 2017 compared to 92.95 euros in 2022), while doing it with diesel, €28.05 (36.30 euros in 2017 compared to 64.35 euros in 2022). Almost double in just five years.

“For the vast majority of people, and especially if the travel expenses are shared among several occupants, 30 or 40 euros is not a big problem. But if these price increases are extrapolated to a broader use and are not only reduced to a punctual trip between two capitals, the effect is a serious loss of purchasing power of Spanish consumers”, concludes the article.


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