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This Week in History: May 7-11 | Local News

This Week in History: May 7-11 |  Local News

Tank steamer Whittier is a total wreck

Vessel owned by Union Oil Company — had made this port frequently

Crew of twenty-five escape in small boats

Goes on the rocks ten miles south of Point Arena and is badly ripped open

Made latest trip to Coos Bay last fall — Cargo of ten thousand barrels of oil is also lost

SAN FRANCISCO — The tank steamer Whittier, of the Union Oil Company, is a total loss with a cargo of 10,000 barrels of oil on the rocks ten miles south of Point Arena.

The crew of 25 escaped in small boats. The vessel was ripped so badly she settled to such an extent that salvage is impossible.

The Whittier frequently made Coos Bay and was a familiar vessel in this port. She brought oil for the Union Oil Company for this locality. The last visit of the Whittier here was last fall when she brought oil for the government which was discharged at Empire where the tank for the bar dredge Michie is located.

North Bend boys make fine record

Capture second place at Eugene field meet

Score higher than Eugene or Franklin high school team of Portland

Four members of the North Bend high school track team have returned from Eugene where they covered themselves and the school with honors in a field meet Saturday. Besides North Bend, the Eugene high school, Franklin high school of Portland and Oregon University freshmen had men entered.

The meet was won by the university freshmen, but North Bend was second with 21 points, while Franklin high had but 14 and Eugene only 13 points.

Lloyd Balcom won the mile run in 5:02, seventeen seconds faster than the time made in the Coos county high school meet last year.

Trygve Kjelland won first in the javelin, second in the discus, third in the broad jump and third in the shot put.

Irvin Shriver won second in the 220-yard dash and second in the broad jump.

New hotel at North Bend is opened today

Dinner will be served to a large number this evening and dance will be given

First National Bank of North Bend is builder

That institution is now located in handsome quarters at the front of the structure

Beautiful furnishings and artistic architecture and interior admired — distinguished guests are here

The Hotel North Bend was formally opened this morning in North Bend, in tie to accommodate a number of early arrivals who came on the morning train to be present at the opening. Among these are Fred Lockley of the Oregon Journal and Senator Norblad PD Partridge, DA Dinsmoor, who came from Olds, Wortman & King in Portland; JE Tourtellotte, the architect who designed the hotel; CG Hedges, of the firm of Hedges & Huls, contractors who erected the building, and SP Melford of Venice, Cal., a friend of the proprietors.

‘Pre’ lowers US 5,000 meter record

EUGENE (UPI) — Oregon’s Steve Prefontaine set an American 5,000-meter record in warming up for the summer Olympics Saturday as the Ducks defeated Washington State 99-63 in a Pacific-8 track meet.

Prefontaine’s 13:29.8 bettered his old mark of 13:30.4 set in 1971. The Duck junior also broke the meet three-mile record at 13:04, topping the old standard of 13:12.8 he set in 1970.

Gold Beach names Siler to head grid fortunes

GOLD BEACH — A two-time Rose Bowl quarterback with the University of Washington has been named the new head football coach at Gold Beach High School, announced Edsel Colvin, Superintendent of schools.

William A. “Bill” Siler, who currently is coaching at Yucaipa, Calif., HS, was named Thursday by Colvin to succeed Tery Mero in the grid post after the latter resigned earlier this year.

Colvin also announced the filling out of the rest of the head coaching staff for the 1972-73 school year at Gold Beach. Siler will replace Brad Flanary as head track coach — Flanary will stay on as head mentor in basketball and cross country — and Frank Speer will succeed Mero as baseball coach.

Siler, who quarterbacked Washington to the Rose Bowl in 1962 and 1964, was a junior college All-American at Pierce JC in Woodland Hills, Calif., in 1960. He received his degree in physical education in 1964, and earned his M.Ed . from Eastern Washington State College in 1968.

He started his coaching career in 1964 at Soap Lake, Wash., and for the 1965-66 seasons served as Wapato, Wash., HS. In 1968, Siler went to Needles, Calif., then took over the head coaching position for football at Yucaipa from 1969 to 1972.

Swinderman bowls through blindness

Karyn Swindeman often has a smile on her face when she picks up the bowling ball.

She lines up and goes for strikes and spares every Tuesday morning at North Bend Lanes. She bowls in the Alley Cats league and takes the game pretty seriously.

Swinderman had one of her best games on April 23 with 10 straight spares and a strike on her final roll for a 185 — 60 pins higher than her average of 125.

The score came close to her all-time high of 191 six years ago … and she could barely see any of it.

Swinderman was born with congenital glaucoma and is legally blind.

The 32-year-old has endured 24 eye operations to reduce fluid pressure since she was born. Her left eye is unusable and her right eye can only differentiate brightness and some colors.

She can’t drive. Her mother—Florence—brings her to the bowling alley and walks her to the appropriate lane.

And that is where the differences end.

“I don’t know how she does it,” said Glenda Bohner, who has a 154 average and is one of Swinderman’s teammates. “She bowls better than me sometimes.”

Even Swinderman, who has bowled off and on since 1988, isn’t really sure how she does it.

After she picks up the ball, she studies where she needs to throw the ball.

While most can tell how many pins are standing, all Swinderman can see when all 10 pins are up, is a white blurry wall. If she tries to pick up a spare, she aims for the white spots.

If that doesn’t work, she keeps mental notes and relies on her other senses like sound and touch.

OSAA approves volleyball changes

High school volleyball will go through a major scoring change starting this fall.

The Oregon School Activities Association’s board of directors voted Monday to institute a rally scoring system for all high school matches. Regular season varsity matches also will be best three out of five games instead of best two out of three, as has been the procedure in the past. Freshman and junior varsity matches will remain best two of three.

In rally scoring, one point is scored every time a ball is served. In the past, points could be scored only on side-outs.

Colleges went to a rally scoring system last eyar.

Longtime local volleyball coaches Suzanne Grami of Coquille and Susi Armstrong of North Bend said the switch to rally scoring will change the nature of the game.

“Momentum is everything,” said Armstrong, who next fall will become the volleyball coach at new West Salem High School. “You get down a few points and it’s hard to catch up.

“But it will be fun.”

“I personally like the excitement of the old scoring,” said Grami. “You can be down 14 points and you still have a chance.

“I watched my daughter play rally scoring (at Oregon Institute of Technology) and it seems if you get behind by 10 points, you can’t catch up.”

Both coaches noted, though, that the switch was coming.

“Everybody has gone to rally scoring,” Grami said, referring to colleges and club volleyball. “It’s time Oregon catches up. I’m for keeping up with the times.

“It should be exciting.”

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