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tipping restaurant waitress $10,000

tipping restaurant waitress $10,000

tipping restaurant waitress $10,000

in this TrendingNow video we go over some of the largest tips people have left for waiters. These waiters get extremely emotional after receiving these generous tips. It’s really heart warming to see how happy they are. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Holy crazy, what is that kind of luck? I wish someone like these ppl would bounce up to midcoast maine, I've been a restaurant employee for 24 years, now unemployed, and homeless to boot thanks to corona-craze, and never seen this kind of generosity. #stillkeephopeU.S.A.

  2. This is heart melting 😭 I'm crying while I'm watching this, I remember those days when I was I'm working under the sun and working outside on winter, it is so hard because I'm in the middle east, the weather is not easy, but every time the guest are giving me some tips it is really mean to, I really much appreciated they saw my effort.
    Just give your best on your guest and to everyone to make them satisfied and they will not forget your service.
    Thank you for the video, you made me inspire to do my job well. Love lots 😘

  3. Lmao a youtuber named alex Bergman? That's one of the best pro baseball players in the world

  4. This is a scame 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  5. As a waitress. I feel verry happy when customers leave me 1€ or 2€ at tables .

  6. The City Hill video is from South Africa and the man was tipping in Rands not Euros – R400 about €23.

  7. So the idea was to just steal uploads from other people, add-in some uninspired narration, and upload it to your own channel as though it were ''original content''?

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