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Tips and Tricks – Outdoor Kartdrome Circuit

Tips and Tricks – Outdoor Kartdrome Circuit

Shave off some time with a corner-by-corner guide designed by the karting pro’s of the Outdoor Kartdrome Circuit.



  1. Thank you, let me see whether I can improve my timing when I hit the track next week. My best lap time is 1:13:9xx in a RX7 and 1:11:390 in RX250. Only during my last run did I record the run. I can see plenty of area in which I can improve on. My target is 1:08:00 on RX250 and 1:11:5xx on RX7. Will update you guys next week.


  2. Yeah, I have improved the timing at last. 1:13:2xx in a RX7 and 1:08:015 in RX250 which stands at 22nd at all time list. I believe the kart also play a major role, the RX250 had fresh rubber as well. The kart was also new, I think, I was hitting the rev limiter on the main straight. This video really helped, thank you.


  3. very good tips, I lap in the 1:09s using the Sodi rentals, and this is pretty much the line I take, only thing is that on T9 and T10, you gotta get an extra wide entry on to the chicane by putting most of the kart off the track prior to T9. I see a lot of people cut T10 but tbh its pretty dumb since you get a horrible exit and you are horribly positioned for T11. Instead, you should turn early on to T9 and almost cut it, but keep 2 tires on the track. You then exit T10 at a much greater speed and you're perfectly positioned for T11.

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