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  1. thanks for the video vlad but I thinking doing investing in Dubai do you know where I can startin can be start up business or real estate and if you do know a lot about investing them I would also like to how can I start with

  2. Hey Vlad! How are u?
    I'm from brazil and i really like your videos! If possible, make some daily vlogs showing your routine! thanks (and sorry bad english, i'm still practice and learning watching your videos hahaha)

  3. Hi Vlad! You got another subcriber! Love your channel!
    I'm going to dubai in the end of this month. I hope to see you around!

    May I suggest a theme for next video? I'm looking for public transport informations (Subway and bus) If they are good and if they cover all of the city.. I'll problably not able to rent a car and I'll be in dubai for a year…

    Congratulations for your videos! Liked most of them!
    Good luck with the channel, bro!

  4. What is the best type of job for someone who don't have a bachelor's degree in Dubai, ? I have experience serving customers from,US , UK and Australia cuz of the Bpo boom back in India, ! I speak good English for an Indian but here in Bahrain I don't find any jobs that make sense to the experience I have! Any suggestions?

  5. I noticed that Union Coop prices are the same as Carrefour. I basically only go to Union Coop because they have some Arabic food that is not available anywhere else.

  6. What do you do for a living ? What did you major in ?

  7. Great videos. I just subscribed. Your advice is good and definitely applicable to living anywhere, very smart and good recommendations for newcomers. I hope my real estate ventures will take me to Dubai. Best wishes to you!

  8. can you plz tell.me.other cost like gas light water wat are the cost for that? or do you only pay rent?

  9. Been looking for teaching job in Dubai. Roughly how much is accommodation in JLT? I went in holiday and stayed there for a week, really like it.

  10. Thanks Vlad for the video, I'm moving to dubai by november. i have a query that the package i have offered is 14955 AED/m and from your video i am getting a hint that budget renting there is going to be a task, what do you think should be ideal spent for renting for a person of my package ?

  11. Hi Vlad I am planing to come to Dubai to teach yoga and make little money I am very poor financially for now😆
    to leave in maximum cheep cast how much I need ??? do think easy for a yoga teacher to find a job?? write to me how can I save also please make a video thank you. you are really good easy to understand who doesn't know English well, god bless you

  12. is life good with aproximately 7000 AED? not having to pay for accommodation/bills.

  13. Hi Vlad, your video was very nice, best thing was it was simple, and genuine.

  14. hello ;love yours videos too much
    i'm seeking a job in Dubai and i need some advises so that i can find it very quickly
    do you have tips?

  15. 27 years old! 3 years of work ex. I get 12k, Rent -1500 (Shared Room with my friend); I walk to work everyday – distance of 10 min from my place. Have a budget of AED 40-50 per day. Total Expenses 3k, Total savings 9k i.e 75% of my income. Have managed to save 100k in 1 year! Am I doing ok?

  16. Very useful video and let me recommend one more method for saving money and also making additional income.
    It has been noticed that nowadays sharing concept is disrupting different industries through several emerging platforms in United Arab Emirates from Real estate like Airbnb to ride sharing like Uber or even you can rent your underutilized household stuff like cameras, Game console or some adventure equipment like Kayak boat and camping tents ..etc to other people via Renttitude.com .See how it works here;
    However the way you follow to save money but sharing saves our earth too. Thus i recommend expats to start renting rather than buying and to share their unused household items and make extra money.

    Good luck for everyone.

  17. Hey Vlad. Just to be clear, when you refer to rental car you are actually refering to daily/weekly rental from the likes of Sixt, Avis etc right? I am interested in hearing about leasing a car (as I understand this is quite different in Dubai as well). Do you have any experience here?

  18. Hi Vlad…. please could you educate me on the best way to get into UAE….. I mean how best to apply for a visa into the country and how to know you are in safe hands

  19. Oh man 7 years now still didn’t saved any single dh 🙈🙈 now I stop doing many things

  20. You're definitely a great lad full of sound advice.

  21. Very important tips. takes notes thank you and more power to you and your channel.

  22. Could u please suggest us which is good place low our rent abu dhabi.

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