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Top 3 Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

Top 3 Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

Top 3 Day Trips from Marmaris, Turkey

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Inka Piegsa

while Marmaris* and beach holidays are pretty much synonymous, day trips from Marmaris can be just as exhilarating as working on that tan.

Apart from the Turkish Riviera, which extends from Antalya* to the east a Bodrum* and further west, it combines the waters of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and offers a coastline dotted with beaches – some white, others dark – with pine forests and spectacular rock formations.

Day trips from Marmaris © monticellllo - Fotolia.com
Day trips from Marmaris © monticellllo – Fotolia.com

Start close to home by exploring the center of Marmaris from the marina to Icmeler Beacha long stretch of coast surrounded by pine trees, sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as numerous bars, restaurants and cafes in between.

Icmeler Bay © Kaleff - Dreamstime.com
Icmeler Bay © Kaleff – Dreamstime.com

As enticing as the lively atmosphere and wonderfully crystal clear water make it such a popular destination, after a few relaxing days of swimming and sunbathing, you’ll be tempted to look for day trips from Marmaris to places further afield. Fortunately, there are so many of them, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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A boat trip not to be missed is an outing Dalian*. You’ll be channeling Humphrey Bogart or Katharine Hepburn for a few hours, as all the ships that offer river cruises are replicas of the african queen.

Mud baths in Dalyan © Chris Tengi - Flickr Creative Commons
Mud baths in Dalyan © Chris Tengi – Flickr Creative Commons

Expect to see the mountain-carved tombs of Phrygian kings and the nesting sites of loggerhead turtles as you drift down the reed-lined Dalyan River before diving into the nearby mud baths. dens. Don’t forget to bring your camera and swimsuit.

Cleopatra Island

Turkey is a country full of history and legends, and the area around Marmaris is no exception. One story says that Marc Anthony fell so in love with a small island that he imported white sand from Egypt and gave it to Queen Cleopatra as a wedding gift.

Cleopatra Island © Drew Richardson - Flickr Creative Commons
Cleopatra Island © Drew Richardson – Flickr Creative Commons

Put on their shoes on a trip to Cleopatra Island, which has exceptionally white sand, so rare and beautiful that you can’t take a single grain home with you. In addition to sunbathing and enjoying the beach, you can visit an ancient amphitheater and the Byzantine walls on this day trip from Marmaris.

Ephesus and Selcuk

The longest but rewarding day trip from Marmaris you might want to take is to the famous ancient site of Ephesus and the town of Selcuk where is it.

Located approximately 130 miles north of Marmaris, you have two options: you can take an organized tour or rent a car and go it alone. There’s a lot to be said for going it alone. The highway to Izmir is straight and easy to navigate, while the driving time is about three and a half hours.

The Library of Ephesus © laszlo-photo - Flickr Creative Commons
The Library of Ephesus © laszlo-photo – Flickr Creative Commons

Given its popularity, it’s natural that it’s very crowded throughout the year, and if you opt for a guided tour you can feel quite rushed. It’s much easier and more fun to do your homework and wander around on your own, looking at the ancient Roman streets and houses, the Library of Heaven, Hadrian’s Temple and the amphitheater.

The amphitheater of Ephesus © Can Erdem Satma - Fotolia.com
The amphitheater of Ephesus © Can Erdem Satma – Fotolia.com

Afterwards, return to Selçuk and continue your journey through history. No visit to Selçuk would be complete without a stop at the Archaeological Museumwhich houses many of the artifacts excavated in Ephesus.

Among them, you will find the famous statue of the Anatolian goddess Kybele. Reconstructions of Roman villas give an insight into life at the time and massive statues from the Hellenistic period are also on display in this fabulous museum.

Ayasoluk Hill Castle © Tolka Rover - Flickr Creative Commons
Ayasoluk Hill Castle © Tolka Rover – Flickr Creative Commons

However, there is more to discover on this journey. Walk from the museum to Ayasoluk Hill, crowned by a massive castle and fortress from the Ottoman era. After extensive excavation and renovation, the castle is now open to visitors again.

Just below you will find the Basilica of Saint Johnerected in the sixth century by the emperor Justinian, supposedly on the tomb of the apostle.

Go a little further Isa Bey Mosque. Built in 1374, it is a masterpiece of the architecture of the Anatolian beyliks. You can visit it, don’t forget to take off your shoes and cover up.

St. John's Basilica © Mike Rowe - Flickr CreativeCommons
St. John’s Basilica © Mike Rowe – Flickr CreativeCommons

Finally, on this day in history, at the foot of the hill you find a single broken column that is all that remains of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Temple of Artemis.

Once an imposing sanctuary, it was destroyed and rebuilt three times before receiving a final blow with the attack of the Goths in AD 268.

The weather in Marmaris

Don’t forget to learn more about the weather in Marmaris and see when we think it is the much better time to go there to make the most of these exciting excursions.

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Inka Piegsa

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