Top 5 insurance for your business trips

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Top 5 insurance for your business trips

Top 5 insurance for your business trips

Car accident, damage to a third party, plane delay, trip cancellation… When traveling on business, the risks of loss are many and varied. So even if a insurance is not compulsoryto be well covered, it is essential to take out an insurance contract.

Only problem: there are dozens of insurers on the market. How to choose ? Discover our comparison of the best business travel insurance solutions.

ACS Mission, a complete business travel insurance solution

To start this top business travel insurance contract, we must mention AMS-Solution. She covers your employees worldwide. And this, even for a single day of business travel.

The guarantees offered are as follows:

  • reimbursement of medical expenses (including hospitalization costs or dental treatment);
  • repatriation assistance and medical transport;
  • personal accident insurance;
  • civil liability cover;
  • legal assistance;
  • baggage insurance;
  • cancellation insurance;
  • plane delay;
  • the repurchase of the franchise of the vehicle rented abroad.

In addition, you have an emergency service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The price starts from €0.80 per day depending on the plan you choose. It is possible to select the basic offer or the complete pack for optimal protection.

The prices of this business travel insurance contract obviously adapt to your situation and your needs. So do not hesitate to make an estimate to find the best option.

In addition, this company also offers to insure expatriate employees or groups of employees on business trips. On this last point, be aware that the prices are decreasing.

After subscribing, you quickly obtain your business travel insurance certificate.

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Allianz Travel, insurance for entrepreneurs

This business travel insurance solution is aimed primarily at business leaders and self-employed entrepreneurs. It assures you for a period of less than 2 months.

Allianz Travel offers you the following guarantees:

  • trip cancellation (optional);
  • emergency medical expenses without deductible (up to €300,000);
  • repatriation ;
  • liability insurance;
  • resort insurance;
  • insurance rental car ;
  • lost or stolen baggage.

In terms of prices, you have several formulas depending on the frequency of business trips abroad.

If you leave punctually, the subscription begins from €16 per business traveler. If you plan many appointments with customers or suppliers, you can opt for a package with unlimited travel from €156 per year.

Assur Travel, for your professional and private trips

This insurance applies to both large companies and individual entrepreneurs making business trips.

Here, the guarantees offered are as follows:

  • coverage of medical expenses with a ceiling of 10 million euros reimbursed;
  • appropriate guarantees for countries at risk;
  • medical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The insurance reimburses you from the first euro incurred. And above all, no medical questionnaire is asked of you when subscribing.

As for the price, it starts from 40 euros per person. Here, you have the choice between two formulas; one that only covers business travel and another that covers business and private travel.

Chapka Insurance for your business trips

Among this ranking of the best business travel insurance solutions, it is impossible to miss Chapka Direct.

For business travelers, it’s Cap Mission Tempo you need. It is above all an insurance for specific missions. It can be used by individual entrepreneurs, or by companies that need it for their employees.

Before taking out insurance, you must obviously know the guarantees covered. So here is what Chapka offers you.

  • Health costs (whether in the event of an accident or illness on site) are reimbursed up to 1 million euros;
  • Up to €5,000 reimbursed for the cancellation or postponement of the professional mission;
  • Early return;
  • Baggage insurance reimbursed up to €5,000;
  • Airplane delay (ceiling of €300);
  • 24-hour repatriation insurance;
  • Individual accident insurance up to €150,000.

Here, the price starts at €38 per person.

Please note that this insurance specifically concerns business travel. In other words, 180 days per year maximum. Expatriations are therefore not covered.

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There are also other warranty exclusions provided by the insurer. Indeed, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, Iran or Venezuela are not covered.

Good to know : this insurance can also be offered to companies that organize internal events with many people from all over the world, such as seminars or congresses.

CCM Assurance, high-end guarantees

CCM insurance applies for business trips within the European Union. It covers business travelers during their mission. But it is also possible to extend the guarantee if you stay longer on site in a private capacity. In this case, you have the choice between two options: either a 15-day extension or an unlimited extension.

With this option, there is no limit on the duration of the business trip. Thus, if you leave for more than 180 days, the CCM contract has always intended to apply. That said, the offers presented do not concern employees with the status of expatriates or seconded persons.

In terms of guarantees, there are rather high-end offers, namely:

  • expenses related to medical care reimbursed up to 10 million euros;
  • a death benefit covered up to €150,000;
  • hostage guarantee. In this case, your salary is insured up to €100,000 per year.

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