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Tourists Join Cliff-Jumping Craze That Kills Dozens Each Year

Tourists Join Cliff-Jumping Craze That Kills Dozens Each Year

Cliff diving is a popular activity among tourists but the thrill can come at a price. In 2015 in the U.S. alone, more than two dozen leaps ended in death. We traveled to Jamaica, a popular spot for the stunt, one American suffered a bloody cut to her nose. IE producer Charlie McLravy was recording in the water when a tourist cut their nose. It hit close to home for McLravy. He nearly lost his life in 2009 after leaping off a bridge near Yosemite, California while on vacation with his family. #InsideEdition



  1. If they blocked off that area then they would be controlling what the guest could do🙄🤔

  2. I've cliff dived at Rick's Cafe twice. The tourists start at a lower cliff and work their way up. They dont let you go higher if you don't look like you can handle it. They kicked my buddy off for doing a gainer when they told him to jump feet first only off the higher ones. You can pay a local named Spider-man to jump off the 90 foot perch and it is amazing!

  3. that girl hesitating is completely her fault

  4. Taking "would you jump off a cliff if your friends told you so" line literally

  5. Did anyone else hear this
    Hey do you want to jump risk?
    Because am an idiot!

  6. how stupid can you be wtf

  7. why just why that’s awful why they wanna that to themselves

  8. Never heard of anyone died at ricks cafe though and i am a jamaican my son made that jump too. Why you trying to ruin our country. They choose to make that jump and take drugs. Leave my country alone. Period!!!

  9. I understand that jumping off 50ft bridges is dumb but that Rick Cafe jump is not very dangerous. You gotta be pretty incompetent to injure yourself doing that jump, especially with the warm and calm waters below.

  10. Here comes inside addition to crash the party. Boooo! I want to go to Jamaica. Aruba is usually my destination.

  11. Rick’s cafe “strict” drug free policy

  12. Good. Less idiots to deal with

  13. This is a bitchy journalist

  14. I feel like people overestimate the danger of cliff jumping. I've been diving all over Hawaii, and my one tip is to only jump where you witness other people jumping safely. Sure, from high enough, water can become like cement, but if you're going to jump off anything over 40 ft, all you need is sandals.

  15. She really can't help nosing around even the nicest places.

  16. Broke my vertebrae on an cliff jump without training. Almost paralyzed myself. Be safe out there

  17. Start to get dangerous past 60 feet if you don't land right.

  18. i want to come to america but canada won't let me leave to go see other places i want my canada passport so i can see these nice cities i got too many haters that dont want me to have nothing

  19. It's all O'tay until you land wrong then it's Rick's Splat'tay … ¡Ándale, ándale! Olé !

  20. 30 feet ? Lol

  21. "Caus I'm an idiot" smartest thing he's probably said in awhile 😂😒

  22. one diving board and a deck there would be no story.

  23. Just because Charlie is a human vagina, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to be just like him!

    Carpe Diem

  24. Is always a fun and game until you got seriously hurt. No way you can tell people “don’t do it”, their answer will always be something like “it look fun” or “oh you such a mom” or “ don’t be a puss” or nothing to be worry” or “everyone doing it”. Well everyone doing it doesn’t mean is right, until you got hurt, went into the hospital with a breaking arm or legs or your back got yourself paralyze FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, and you will be “oh…I was stupid”. Is your life, you only got one, treasure it. I don’t feel sorry for the people that got hurt, they stupid enough to do it, they should be man enough to accept the end result.

  25. Now they trying to make Jamaica look bad

  26. That does not kill I went there to ricks. Cafe lol

  27. I aint even gonna lie inside edition made a mistake bringing this video up he got all that weed and jumping into the water and beer seems like a vacation to me 😂😂

  28. This typical for today, a few gotta spoil the fun for everyone.

  29. The woman is such a Karen like damn some people she actually has got to leave alone

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