Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip to Dalyan Kaunos

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip is one of the top excursions in the town as Dalyan Kaunos is a must see for those who come to Marmaris. It is one of the rarest places on Earth, where the natural beauties surround the remainings of a wonderfull ancient area.

Dalyan Kaunos

The Delta located at the back side of Turtle Beach is a “must see”  for who like to be on a small river boat where you might be surprised by a big turtle, at any second. Especially afterwards the delta was named the same as a very famous british movie called “African Queen” , it has become a very famous place to be seen. It gives an opportunity of swimming in salty water or the fresh water in the same time by the beach, called Iztuzu (Turtle Beach in Dalyan) with a massive 3 miles length and 300 feet width.

Also the King Tombs, which also get called Dalyan Tombs are going to pull you into a very mystic atmospher of the ancient times. There is surely an interesting story to be told by your professional and knowledgable tour guide. Dalyan river is a connection between Koycegiz Lake and warm waters of Mediterrenia. It is a very rich fish spot and that is why many local fishers have their net surrounded natural fish farms around, which you will also come across to.

One of the most favourite flavours for the big loggerhead sea turtles (called also carettas) is surely the blue crabs.  Since the river is full of them, no wonder why the turtles are here. They have a wonderful taste for mankind,too , when they are grilled on B.B.Q. During our visit, you will also find many local sellers of the blue crabs, where they will get them cooked and ready for you to try.

The golden sand on the massive beach will welcome you with it’s warmness as the beach has no natural shades of any tree or a building around. It is a UNESCO protected area as it is being one of the very few appropriate breeding spot for the big turtles. It is definitely recommended to take at least a hat to protect yourself against the heat, if not an umbrella is in your bag.

As the tour gets fully booked very quickly, we suggest you to make your reservation as soon as possible. If you have any further questions to ask, please do not hesitate giving us a call on our whatsapp number.

Dalyan Kaunos Turtle Beach

Dalyan Kaunos has been given its name by a King and  Queen of the area in Lycian times.Normally the name was not combined of two name as “Dalyan Kaunos” at the beginning, Dalyan is name for one side of the river and Kaunos is for the other. But centuries long, the place was occupied by different nations as it has been by the Turks lately and afterward, the place started to be called as Dalyan Kaunos.

The ruins you will see on Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip that is called Kaunos is the ancient side and the historical bit of the trip, where the Lycian remaining are, and Dalyan is the town side, where the local people live nowadays. In Dalyan Kaunos, there are tons of facilities, which also attracts tourists due to also its nearby location to Dalaman Airport.

Tour operators organize a last day Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip tour by giving you quiet false information as it would be handy on the last day of your holiday and they charge you extra for your last stay, which you had paid while you were booking your holiday.

Dalyan Kaunos is definitely well worth a visit, which should be done as a day out, rather than seeing it as a last day airport transfer option. The place gets many tourists during the season but those are mainly the people, who are back to their summer living area rather than the holiday makers.

Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip has a lot to offer as it would give you a roughly idea about having the next holiday in Dalyan with reasonable prices for the hotels and quick transfers from airport but comparing to Marmaris, Dalyan Kaunos can not be counted as a top class holiday resort at all. A night stay would be very boring as you would not be able to find any night clubs nor night out organizations at all.

Trips from Marmaris to Dalyan Kaunos are a lot better comparing to having a very boring holiday, rather than visiting the place for only having a couple of hours on the beautiful beach of Dalyan Kaunos, which is called “İztuzu” as the other name of Turtle Beach.

Visiting and learning of The King Tombs and getting yourself covered in Mud are all fun on Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip, even sailing in those small traditional river boats itself is well worth spending the money and the time for it but surely not a whole week or two weeks holiday is recommended in Dalyan Kaunos.


Every Day


Turunc , Icmeler , Marmaris , Akyaka
DEPARTURE TIME -( Pick Up Time) Turunc 07:30 , Icmeler 08:00 , Marmaris 08:30


Approximately 18:30/19:00


Sun Cream, Towel, Camera , swimsuit , hat, some money for drinks


Comfortable athletic clothing, hat,


Pick-Up from Hotel
Drop Hotel Back
Professional Tour Guide
Full İnsurance
Enterance Fees
1 hour of free time
Transportation in mini-coach and Bus
Transportation Big Boat and small boat


Photos , dvd

Additional information

Ticket TypeAdult, Child, infant

08.00 AM – 08.30 AM: Transportation

Pick-Up from hotel.

09.00 AM – 12.00 PM: Sailing to Dalyan

On our double deck boat, enjoying the sun and sailing to Dalyan.

12:00 PM – 01.00 PM: Meals

Lunch on the boat

01:00 PM – 03.00 PM: Turtle Beach Break

Free time on Turtle Beach

03.00 PM – 03.30 PM: Dalyan River Sailing Time

After transfer to small river boats, sailing in Dalyan River.

03.30 PM – 04.30 PM: Enjoying the Mud Bath

Enjoying the mud bath.

04.30 PM – 04.50 PM: Photo break

Photo and information break by the king tombs

04:50 PM – 05.30 PM: Return to the big boat

Sailing back to the big boat.

05:30 PM – 07.30 PM: Return to Marmaris harbour

Sailing back to Marmaris.

07:30 PM – 08.15 PM: Drop Back

Drop off back to the pick-up point.

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