Professionalism on Marmaris Scuba Diving

There is never so much fun and discovery on any of the other Marmaris excursions but on Marmaris Scuba Diving. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Marmaris Scuba Diving Trip Marmaris diving tour is available for all from 12 years to seniors. In total of two times dive with 30 minutes each will provide you one of the most interesting life time experiences ever.

On Marmaris Scuba Diving Trip, you do not need to have you own special equipment, nor the gear prepared as we will provide you all on board. No matter, you are a professional diver or a beginner, you will still be diving with an instructor licensed by PADI or CMAS.

Marmaris Scuba Diving Turtle

Marmaris Scuba Diving for professionals

If you have a diving license provided by CMAS or PADI, then you will be diving in special group of professional divers with a master diver, who will be instructing you during the trip.

As every one will be having a different level of the licenses, we also gather the licensed diver groups based on their license levels as they would all be diving to a different depth. For example, if you are a PADI advanced open water diver, then you will be diving with all other advanced open water divers as deep as 30 meters.

If you also would like to have an inquiry of updating your license to the next level with a 3 days PADI or CMAS course in Marmaris, please feel free to contact us for further details. Unlike Marmaris Scuba Diving, license courses are organised as 3 following days package course as the license requirements.

Beginners on Marmaris Scuba Diving

Marmaris Scuba Diving is also a recommended tour for anybody who has never been diving at all. As you will be taken on Marmaris Scuba Diving experience with a fully equipped and licensed master instructor, it will be totally safe and a legal way of diving.

On busy diving boats, you would always panic and feel unsafe as the company will be short in instructors, which will cause a tragedy when it comes to have your instructor available for yourself any time you have something emergency, while you are under the water.

As London Eye Travel, safety is our very first goal on our all organizations. In this case, rather than packing the boat and having just 1 instructor for 8-10 people.

We prefer keeping the numbers of divers as low as possible in order to provide you Marmaris Scuba Diving trip with a top quality, where you will be diving as group of 5 people including 4 beginners and an instructor for each group.

When it comes to scuba diving in Marmaris, the safety should come before the price, but we also offer you the most reasonable prices for Marmaris Scuba Diving.

Lets say, you would like to dive and your partner or your friend would like to participate as a non-diver.

More than welcome on our Marmaris Scuba Diving boat for just a very small fee for insurance,transfers and the meals. We also provide the non-divers a fantastic snorkeling fun including all equipment in the price.

What can i see on Marmaris Diving Tour?

Marmaris Diving is not only fun but also a very special way of discovering the under water life of Marmaris Bay. As a very special sea side national park is nearby, which is called Dalyan.

Dalyan is known as a breeding place for the huge loggerhead sea turtles. While you are on Marmaris Diving trip, you do have a big chance of coming across to those lovely creatures in Marmaris Bay with Marmaris Scuba Diving experience.

On Marmaris diving tour, there is not really a chance of seeing the corals, unless you are a licensed diver, who can dive to a different depth.

But Marmaris scuba diving is still lots of to discover and lots of to learn as the bay is a very important fishing spot of the country itself.

You will see lots of different fish and if you are lucky,some octopus as well, probably.

On Marmaris scuba diving tour or Marmaris Diving in other saying, you will also be provided a professional underwater photographer,who will be filming you and taking your photographs during the trip.

At the end of the trip, whether you would like to buy a DVD of the day for a decent price or take even your own photographs on Marmaris Scuba Diving is up to you.

Is it well worth spending money and the time for diving in Marmaris?

Every different experience will adjust your holidays always in a positive way, so is diving in Marmaris.

Diving in Marmaris waters will always be enjoyable, which will be a life time unforgettable moment called Marmaris Scuba Diving.

Sitting at the pool and nightlife are not the only things to do in Marmaris. Surely diving in Marmaris is a lot different comparing the other tours as it is all about the underwater life,which you never discovered, if you are a beginner diver.

Usually after the first time of diving in Marmaris, it becomes an addiction for many holiday makers and they all start asking for Marmaris Scuba Diving at any time they are back.


Every Day


Turunc , Icmeler , Marmaris , Akyaka
DEPARTURE TIME -( Pick Up Time) Marmaris :09:30 , içmeler 09:00


Approximately 16:30/17:00


Sun cream, towel, Camera , swimsuit , hat, some money for drinks


Comfortable athletic clothing, hat,


Pick-Up from Hotel
Drop Back to Hotel
Professional Tour Guide
Full insurance
Enterance fees


Photos , dvd

Additional information

Ticket TypeAdult, Child, infant, Non Diver Adult, Non Diver Child, Non Diver Infant

9.00 AM – 9.30 AM: Transportation

Pick-Up from hotel.

Meeting Point (boat)

Excursion starts from Marmaris port

Visit Paradise island

First Diving


Lunch at  the boat

Second Diving

Visit green sea.


Returnal back to horbour and transfer back to accomodations

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