Marmaris Turkish Bath, the place that will make you feel like a sultan. The comfort provided by sauna, massage can not be explained only feel it. Get this experience in a Marmaris Turkish bath.

It is actually a huge weight that sticks to the human for 11 months. Most of the summer, the dry air of the last spring, the dry cold of the winter, the pollen of the spring adhere to you like a weight. In fact, even if these are not as substances, weight and fatigue will come with you. Here, we have prepared the Marmaris Turkish bath expedition to give you the breaks and awards you have given to your soul during your holiday. We offer you the opportunity to have a great time both while taking the weight of the whole year.

Hotel Pickup

From 10 am to 5 pm, we pick you up from your hotel and set off at your desired time. We accompany you with our warm and sincere conversation, which is our treat along the way, and we reach the Turkish bath. Actually, the Marmaris Baths begins right here. If we have to cut our pleasant conversation by the end of this wonderful time, we will be waiting for you. Now let’s go to the bathhouse and continue one by one, what to do inside.


The weight of an entire year will not come out so easily. We are entrusted to the delicate hands of expert filings to save you from this burden, not the dirt, but the burden, stress and fatigue of a whole year. Actually, we cannot say that it is very delicate, but we can assure that they are the best in their business. With the Marmaris Turkish bath expedition, they will work hard to get rid of all your stress and fatigue.


After clearing and scraping all the past year, you will be clean with foam bath and you will feel relaxed. On the basis of Marmaris Turkish bath expedition, you will relax you with natural foams and you will have a moment of pleasure. We want and find the best and the most perfect for you.

Oil Massage

And the final, in fact, all your muscles and joints were being prepared for this moment. We reset you with a perfect massage by special masseurs and masseuses with special oils. The Marmaris Turkish bath expedition makes you enjoy a great massage until you are sure that you are relieved of a whole year and reset you until the next holiday period.

Final in a Marmaris Turkish Bath

You are done with the baths and we are waiting for you at the door after throwing what you left all year with foams. We take you to your hotel with your relaxed and calm mood. You are now ready for our other activities spiritually and physically. Now you can start thinking about our boat tours, bus tours or actions such as rafting, safari with the peace added by the Marmaris Baths. We are already ready to see you at our other events.

The bathhouse is actually an integrated part of our culture, at the beginning of the most famous subjects around the world, basically the most well known, but Saltbea seems to be ahead. Being healthy, a true professional cleaning concept and relaxing your body is an excellent option for your holiday. It will be a great stop for the Marmaris Turkish bath expedition and will completely relax you after doing or doing our other activities.

While it is a scientific fact that the right massage ensures that people are healthy both physically and spiritually, we could not deprive you of this service. We relax both your muscles and joints with the massage that should be done by experts. Marmaris Turkish bath expedition offers you the best oily massage.

Whether you are tired of the whole year and reset yourself spiritually and physically on the first day of your holiday, or reward yourself with the Marmaris Turkish bath expedition with the experiences and memories you have gained with our activities towards the end of your holiday. We are always ready to bring you the best and highest quality service and make you happy.

STARTS From Marmaris
AVAILABLE IN A DAY 4 TIMES 09:30 ,12:00 ,14:00 , 16:00
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Turunc , Icmeler , Marmaris , Akyaka
DEPARTURE TIME -( Pick Up Time) Contact us
RETURN TIME Approximately after 2 hours
TAKE WITH YOU Towel, Camera , swimsuit , some money for drinks
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing
INCLUDED Transportation
Pick-Up from Hotel
Drop Back to Hotel
Photos , dvd

Additional information

Ticket TypeAdult, Child, infant

10:00 Am

Pick-Up from hotel.

Meeting Point

Turkish Bath

15 -20 minutes sauna


15 Minutes scrub massage

Scrub Peeling Massage

15 Minutes Foam Massage

Foam Massage

15 Minutes Oil Massage

Oil Massage

15 minutes relaxing at hot marble plate



Returnal back to accomodations

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