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  1. If was to be one of them I would be riah and have the personality of reena

  2. 33:11 all of the people who are taking pics of you girls are Indians and just because you looked like hoes

  3. Don't come to Dubai. It sucks ass. it's 40°c right now at 3am in the morning.

    The whole place is like a sad disneyland filled with creepy dudes staring at everyone and to top it off the whole place is built and maintained by slaves.

  4. the girls are so rude they get a free holiday and all there doing is complaining about the religion and how it shouldn't apply to them, complaining how people aren't asking them if they want food or drink and being rude to people, if i got a free holiday i would be thankful not rude and disrespectful to everyone in that country

  5. I went to Dubai when i was 16 2008 and then 17 in 2009. Was living in Riyadh for 6 years, and decided to go visit before we left. Loved it!!! Had some friends over there as well and just had an amazing experience! Hopefully will get the chance again especially seeing how quickly its become a well known area and booming!! Kinda miss that luxury Middleast lifestyle 😛

  6. "Birmingham socialites" you mean Birmingham Whores

  7. Sorry, can't watch these muppets, far prefer the Aussie one

  8. Horrible people. The Australian version is far superior

  9. Those Fucking Boyle’s are the most controdicting people ever plus they’re fuckin annoying otherwise it’s a great program

  10. That lady who thinks she’s rich with the three kids is insane. She really thinks the people in Dubai live suspended in time in Bedouin camps? Mate they’re billionaires and the malls are where they go to spend all their money 😂 they’re not there to be looked at by you, the true culture of Dubai is not what you think it is

  11. Okay as an Emirati (from Abu Dhabi whose just see this, I guess I'll give you some advise for when you visit the UAE (specifically Dubai):

    1) Visit in the Winter (Late November- February), the weather is cool, many people go camping or on safaris in the deserts. Also there is the Global Village festival which is held in Dubai in the winter which I would recommend visiting. There's shopping and games to enjoy (I've been going there for over 16 years since childhood).

    2) Please go meet the us the local Emiratis: we're friendly, and treat visitors like honored guests. here's a video of a vlogger who spent a day with Emiratis ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbO9C9B0P2c ). Many of us speak English pretty well as a result of going to school with many foreign residents

    3) Explore the country. Dubai is located an hour and a half drive from Abu Dhabi (the capital) and AlAin which host many natural and historical sites such as Qasr AlHosn, Qasr Al Muwaiji, the Abu Dhabi mangrove (which you can go kayaking in), and Al Ain Oasis . Next to Dubai is Sharjah which is the cultural capital as it hosts sites such as the Museum of Islamic Civilization, the Sharjah Fort, and the Central Market (souq/souk). If you go North or East, you can explore the mountains & wadis of Ras Al Khaimah, Fujarah, and Hatta.

    4) One thing is clear from this video is this: DONT BE RUDE. Seriously, (and this is an all rounder), no one likes/wants to be with a rude person. Also do not curse here. It is illegal and people have been fined or jailed for doing so.

    5) Pricing: I do admit that some things here are expensive, but you can also find affordable accommodations and food if you know where you're looking. I went to an Indian cafe and got karak tea for 1 dirham (0.20 pounds). Here's a video with Steve Harvey showing you how to enjoy Dubai on a budget ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu5UmWhItCM )

    6) Dress code: Dress normally, not like the cast of Sex and the City 2 (crappy movie btw).

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