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Travel insurance – Bestrates.com

Travel insurance – Bestrates.com

Travel insurance – Bestrates.com

Travel insurance

What is travel insurance?

A trip abroad is for many synonymous with discoveries, thrills and well-being. But during the trip, just like during the stay in another country, many incidents can occur : accident, illness (even death), vehicle breakdown, damage caused to a third party, loss of luggage, theft of identity papers, cancellation of the flight which requires the search for an accommodation or repatriation solution, etc.

International travel insurance includes various guarantees that allow the traveler and possibly his family to benefit from assistance and to obtain reimbursement of expenses incurred in the event of a problem. Because it is impossible to anticipate everything, travel insurance is the solution for leaving protected, and enjoying your trip with complete peace of mind.

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Why take out travel insurance for any type of stay?

Travel insurance is not compulsory, although it is offered by most airlines and the organizers of all-inclusive holidays. The travel insurance certificate is nevertheless on the list of documents required to obtain a visa for French people going to China, Russia, Algeria or Cuba.

In general, for all travellers, whatever their destination outside France’s borders, in particular outside the EU, this protection is strongly recommended.

  • Firstly, professional support in a country where one does not have contacts, and whose language one does not necessarily master, is always welcome. Especially since even within the European Union, the administrative procedures are not identical to those of France.
  • On the other hand, this coverage avoids advancing the often high costs incurred by any inconvenience encountered during his vacation, a business trip or a stay within the framework of his studies. Indeed, Social Security does not cover all medical costs.

The content and price of travel insurance are adapted to the country of destination, the duration of the trip, as well as the guarantees taken out and their scope.

To save time and access the best rates, a detailed online comparison is essential. Subscription can then be done in branch or directly electronically.

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What are the possible guarantees of travel insurance?

Although it is impossible to foresee all the inconveniences that may occur before or during a trip abroad, an insurance and assistance offer covers many cases.

  • “Private life” civil liability abroad: if the insured (his dependent child, or an object or an animal for which he is responsible) accidentally causes damage (material and/or bodily) to a third party during his international trip, the company bears the costs incurred in a certain limit.
  • Cancellation or modification of trip: covers cancellation costs if an unforeseen event prevents departure or imposes its postponement (illness, accident, visa refusal, serious illness or death of a relative, serious material damage to their main residence, redundancy or, on the contrary, obtaining a paid job/internship for an unemployed person, professional transfer, breakdown of the means of transport, etc.).
  • Missed plane: if the insured misses his flight due to an event beyond his control (transport breakdown, abnormal road traffic, illness, accident, etc.) on the outward or return journey, the insurer pays him a new plane ticket for the same destination.
  • Flight delay or cancellation: the insurer indemnifies its client.
  • Assistance and repatriation: if the traveler falls ill or has an accident, a medical team assesses his state of health and, if necessary, organizes his repatriation. Their return home is also insured in the event of hospitalization/death of a relative in France or the occurrence of an accident at their home. In the event of death, legal assistance abroad and the organization of the repatriation of the body are taken care of.
  • Interruption of the trip if an unforeseeable event requires an urgent return to France (hospitalization or death of a family member, serious damage to their home): the company reimburses accommodation and activities already paid for, but “not consumed”.
  • Health coverage: advance and payment of medical and hospitalization costs abroad.
  • Theft/loss or damage to baggage and personal effects: the insurer indemnifies its client. In case of late delivery of baggage to destination, the company pays for the purchase of basic necessities.
  • Search and rescue costs cover at sea, in the mountains or in the desert if a disappearance or bodily injury is declared during an outing (excursion, hike, etc.).
  • Franchise redemption in the event of theft/accident of a rental vehicle.
  • Guaranteed practice of extreme sports abroad: cover for accidents resulting in disability or not, payment of capital in the event of death, compensation in the event of damage caused to a third party.
  • Legal assistance abroad: reimbursement of any expenses incurred and advance of bail in the event of imprisonment.
  • Impossible return guarantee: coverage of accommodation, catering and return costs by an alternative means in the event of an unforeseeable event resulting in immobilization on site beyond the scheduled date.

It should be noted that certain guarantees may be integrated into a travel insurance contract as an option or be the subject of specific coverage (eg extreme sports guarantee). The conditions of activation and restriction (in particular the deductible) must be checked scrupulously, as well as the exclusions.

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How is the price of travel insurance determined?

Often, the contract includes free travel insurance, but this is not necessarily tailored to the customer’s needs for a specific trip. The use of more comprehensive coverage is therefore recommended.

The travel insurance offer on the market is very wide and prices can vary considerably, according to recent studies. Each insurer freely sets its scalesbut always takes into account the following criteria at a minimum:

  • The destination : the level of health risk in the country and the cost of care have a significant influence on the price of travel insurance. The United States and Canada, in particular, are renowned for the high cost of medicine (basic care and hospitalization). Most companies thus develop special offers including the USA and Canada, and contracts excluding these countries. There are also formulas that work worldwide without price distinction.
  • The country of departure: since this is the country where the insured must be repatriated in the event of illness or death, the tariff is higher if this country is located outside the European continent.
  • The duration of the duration of the trip: in general, support is granted for 3 months for occasional travellers. Covers of more than 90 days are intended for frequent travelers who leave regularly, embark on a world tour, expatriates, students who spend a semester or more in another country. This option is more interesting for frequent travelers than insurance for each trip, insofar as the daily price is decreasing: the longer the duration, the lower the price.
  • The age of the insured: most often, the standard rate for travel insurance applies to travelers under 35 years of age. But the risks of illness increasing over the years, the premium is increased for older people. Rates are often organized by age groups, which makes it easier to compare and select the most advantageous offer according to the traveler’s age.
  • The scope of coverage: in addition to civil liability, the policy includes certain basic guarantees such as coverage of medical and hospitalization expenses and repatriation, but others are optional. It is up to the insured to judge whether the additional cost associated with an option is really necessary to improve his protection. As benefits are added to the policy, the premium amount increases. Some warranties cost more than others if they cover greater risks or involve higher “repair” costs.
  • The type of insurance (individual or group): group insurance is less expensive for each of its members than individual insurance, because the insurer applies a decreasing rate when several people subscribe to the same contract.

Here is an idea of ​​the price of international travel insurance, but depending on the criteria it sets, each person can find a more or less expensive offer.

  • Cancellation insurance only: between 5 euros and 100 euros (3% to 6% on average of the cost of the trip) for an individual formula and between 15 euros and 150 euros for a family contract.
  • Assistance/repatriation insurance: between 5 euros and 100 euros per trip in individual insurance and between 15 euros and 200 euros in the event of group subscription.
  • Multi-risk insurance: between 10 euros and 150 euros per trip for an individual contract and up to 1,000 euros for family insurance.

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